Dabur: Which is the real juice?

By Dhaleta Surender Kumar , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | June 27, 2008
Dabur has launched a 360 degree campaign to reinforce its real fruit juice image

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Dabur brand, is striving to differentiate itself from the many fruit drinks that are crowding the market. Fruit drink, fruit nectar and fruit juice - Dabur wants to clear the confusion, and has come up with a 360 degree campaign to do just that.

The new tagline for the campaign is, 'Real Mein Hai Sadharan Fruit Drink Se Upto 8 Times More Fruit Juice'. The campaign is promoting the tagline on TV commercials, print (Cosmopolitan, Prevention and Good Housekeeping) and outdoor (drop-downs, kiosks and lift-branding at malls as well as branding of Volvo buses plying between Mumbai and Pune). The campaign also has touch points at trade centres such as Big Bazaar and Reliance stores. These touch points engage children through Flash games in which falling fruit are caught in a basket.

KK Chutani
According to KK Chutani, general manager, marketing, foods division, Dabur, the idea was to educate the consumer about the difference between a fruit juice and a fruit drink so that he can make an informed choice.

"Most of the drinks are creating the false perception of a juice. We want to educate the consumer. When consumers buy Real, they are buying a premium product, which is the most nutritious among the options available currently," he says.

According to Chutani, the government has classified the fruit beverage market into three categories, depending on the drink's fruit pulp content. These are fruit drink (less than 20 per cent fruit pulp content), fruit nectar (20-85 per cent fruit pulp content) and fruit juice (more than 85 per cent fruit pulp content). While products like Frooti, Maaza, Minute Maid, Réal Twist, Slice and Tropicana Twister are in the fruit drink category, Real's mango, litchi and guava flavours and Tropicana Twirl are in the fruit nectar category. The fruit juice category has brands such as Real Juice, Real Activ, Tropicana Premium Gold and Tropicana Premium.

Chutani says consumer perceptions have led to reduced differentiation among the products. "According to this perception, all products in Tetrapak are taken to be fruit juices and considered premium and thicker or having more pulp content. The products in PET bottles are considered cheaper fruit drinks, with less fruit content and thinner consistency. However, that is not true. Frooti is available in a Tetrapak and comes under the fruit drink category," he says.

Chutani adds, "Fruit juices do not contain Class II preservatives, which are found in fruit drinks. Therefore, on a broad comparison, fruit juices offer roughly eight times more nutrition than fruit drinks." To drive this point home, the campaign shows a Real fruit juice pack being weighed against an ordinary fruit drink.

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"Our target group consists of kids, but the campaign is also targeted at mothers, who ultimately make the purchasing decision. We are sure that a kid can influence the mother to buy the product," says Chutani. Therefore, the TVC has a schoolchild going around, pronouncing the word 'eight', and eventually stressing upon how his Real juice has eight times more fruit juice than an ordinary fruit drink. The TVC also uses a mimicked voice of the late actor, Sanjeev Kumar, to stress on the 'eight' factor and add humour.

The campaign is being run in six metros. It was designed by Lowe Lintas. The creative director is Mohit Arora. Live Events handled the outdoor campaign in Mumbai, Delhi and the NCR, and Kolkata. In Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, Jagran Solutions was in charge of the outdoor campaign. Day & Night Publicity & Advertising branded the Volvo buses.

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