Delhi Press brings out a new magazine, Farm 'n' Food

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | July 01, 2008
Farm 'n' Food targets the educated farmer and will cover agriculture and allied activities


Press, the 60 year old publishing house which brings out 26 magazine titles in nine languages, has come out with a new magazine, Farm 'n' Food.

Farm 'n' Food is a weekly Hindi magazine targeted at people associated with agriculture and its related fields. The magazine will cover agriculture and allied activities. Paresh Nath, editor, Delhi Press, says, "The magazine is a medium to educate and empower farmers and individuals with stakes in agro-based industries about modern agricultural techniques and their useful implications."

The magazine will provide information on tools, techniques and best resources. It will carry informative write-ups covering a wide range of topics such as seeds, crops, farm machinery and marketing techniques. There will also be features covering contemporary issues, success stories, market analyses, and updates on global trends in the agricultural sector and their impact on small businesses.

Paresh Nath
Delhi Press is targeting educated, well-to-do farmers because this class has the curiosity and hunger to acquire more knowledge. The 48 page magazine is priced at Rs 15 and has an initial print run of 35,000 copies.

Nath says, "A good balance has been struck between providing information and entertainment, supported by a colourful layout. The Hindi magazine will be followed by other editions in regional languages and in English."

Extensive news stand promotions will support the magazine's launch in rural and semi-urban areas. Delhi Press will leverage its vast distribution network to ensure that the magazine is available at all existing retail outlets. Vendor stands have been marked for intensive point of purchase marketing with banners, danglers and other collaterals. From August onwards, existing and potential readers will be offered, apart from the usual subscription rates, a special package rate along with Saras Salil, another Delhi Press publication.

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