Is OOH an afterthought for advertisers?

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
It is TV and print that spring to the mind when marketers draw up their plans. Is OOH the poor cousin? afaqs! finds out

It is

TV and print that spring to the mind when marketers draw up their plans. Is OOH the poor cousin? Industry stalwarts offer their opinions.

Arminio Ribeiro
CEO, Platinum Outdoor

Arminio Ribeiro
Outdoor was mostly an afterthought at a point of time in the past, and when it came to media plans, it was like: "Is Cinderella going to make it to the ball tonight?"

Fortunately, the pendulum of opportunity has swung in favour of OOH advertising. The combined trends of media fragmentation, clutter and inflation continue to send marketers and agencies in search of cost-effective media to reach consumers. And OOH is one such medium.

However, there is a lot left to be desired in the creative use of outdoor as a medium for advertising. In order to develop effective outdoor creatives and achieve attention and retention, the creative product must be the ultimate distillation of a message. To succeed in outdoor is to pass the supreme creative test.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay
Executive creative director, O&M

Sumanto Chattopadhyay
When television started, advertising messages on it tended to be dull adaptations of print or radio. Similarly, it took people time to appreciate the possibilities of OOH and, more importantly, to gain the confidence and technique required to do justice to it.

Right now, OOH media needs to get into the bloodstream of clients and agencies. Only then will they stop cloning content from other media. OOH will then live a meaningful life of its own - even becoming the lead medium at times.

The potential is huge because OOH encompasses everything from street furniture to digital screens and not yet thought of media. It has the flexibility to combine different platforms and technologies to create a bigger impact.

For example, a mobile telephony brand can create a display board at an airport to which you can SMS bon voyage messages to a friend who is going away. So, the brand is with you at an emotional moment in your life. That's impact.

Farid Kureshi
Director, VIA OOH

Farid Kureshi
OOH was an afterthought five-six years ago, when people were fed on a single newspaper and had only 10-12 channels to choose from. Now, with huge audience fragmentation across genres and TV in general, advertisers are forced to look at OOH as a vital, efficient and valuable advertising medium.

The biggest spenders across media are banking and financial services, telecom, white goods and automobiles. These clients find that the premium, high-spending target consumers are in the metros. To reach this audience is extremely difficult and costly. Newspapers have a life span of 10 minutes, and people reach home after 9pm, so it's goodbye TV! The only medium that is in the face day in and day out is outdoor. I see the share of OOH increasing.

Kedar Apte
Marketing manager, Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Kedar Apte
Advertising is a wholesome process in which each medium conveys a unique meaning to each individual. Consumers are touched through each medium of advertising and a particular brand image is put forth.

OOH is a huge opportunity for a brand to touch all its consumers at any point of time. An eye catching hoarding always gets noticed and stands out in crowded metropolises. It makes a memorable statement in itself.

Television and print are segment specific and the idea behind advertising through these media is relatively different. In terms of creativity and interactivity, OOH is a step ahead of TV and print, which are one way media.

None can be a dumbed down version of any other medium of advertising since each demands a different skills set and serves a defined purpose.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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