Disruption for cleaner viewing

By Savia Jane Pinto , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | September 08, 2008
The teaser created a disruption on a news channel in Andhra Pradesh. The teaser will continue for another week to reveal the product on September 12

It's been

a couple of months since Godrej Appliances handed over the creative duties to Orchard. It had then shared with afaqs! that the launch of its appliances will be carried out in a phased manner. For the launch, Orchard chose the teaser-revealer way like many other brands.

Godrej selected the Andhra Pradesh (AP) market because the brand is particularly strong in this region. As part of its launch, Orchard designed an innovative interruption to create a buzz about the new product to be launched by Godrej. The new product that aims to be the talk of the town (and other towns subsequently) is Godrej's new LCD player.

The brand proposition for the LCD range is - cleaner images. The technological feature in the product, called IPIX, actually cleans the input signal and gives enhanced output in terms of visual and audio quality. "This idea has been inspired and designed by aerospace scientists, who use similar technology in cleaning up input signals of remote sensing satellites," explains Kaushik Mitra, vice-president and branch head, Orchard Mumbai.

Click on the image to enlargeThe activity was carried out on the sets of TV 9, a news channel in Andhra Pradesh. On September 4, while the news was being read out, men dressed as scientists barged into the newsroom and started clearing up the place, including the news anchor. The interruption ended with a super that said, 'Cleaner images coming soon'. All this happened live on the set.

As a precursor to the teaser, outdoor activities were carried out in markets in AP. Four 10-second teaser announcement ads ran on the news channel, informing viewers to watch out for cleaner images on September 4. Ground activities included people, dressed as scientists, at petrol pumps and traffic signals. At these points, the 'scientist's came up to the cars, cleaned the windshields and handed over a leaflet that said - cleaner images coming soon, tune into TV 9 on the 4th at 10 pm.

Ramesh Chembath, general manager, marketing, appliances division, Godrej, informs afaqs!, "The product has been designed by scientists and not engineers. The new technology will enable us to see better images when all this while we've been viewing a lot of disturbance."

Another TV commercial, similar to the disruption on September 4, has been shot and will be aired for another week as the teaser film. The revealer will be aired on September 12.

Chembath refused to divulge the name of the new LCD range but said that it's not just an LCD but an X-LCD because it has been loaded with many features.

Disruptions will also be seen in print and online as well.

Chembath says, "Similar but new disruptions will be carried out when we go to other markets."

As part of the phased launch, Chembath shares that after the AP market, Godrej is looking at penetrating markets in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

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