IPG introduces iMIX, a web based media tool

By Savia Jane Pinto , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Planning & Buying
Last updated : September 12, 2008
A first of its kind in the Indian market, the web based media tool aims to streamline all media processes for clients of the Lintas Media Group

Lintas Media

Group has introduced a new tool to help clients keep track of its media processes.

iMIX is a web based media management system that has been developed by Interpublic GIS, Guongzhou. It lets a client access all the processes in its media plan at near real-time.

The tool is utilised heavily throughout Asia and Latin America, and is ready to roll out in India this month.

iMIX has been in development for the past 10 years within IPG. The tool is a collection of best practices from around the world. The one to roll out in India has been specially tailored, keeping in mind the constantly changing nature of the Indian media market.

The web based management system allows for streamlining media processes, such as buying, planning, optimizing and research.

By accessing the iMIX interface through a secure login and password, clients can gain access to certain authorised reports, in order to know about the buying and billings incurred. These reports also tell the clients what their media purchases have been and the success rates. Thus, clients know exactly what's happening in their media plans.

Scott BeltranTraditionally, these reports are not available or take days to develop. iMIX makes all this available to clients in real-time.

afaqs! asked Scott Beltran, CIO, IPG, how the interface would make life simpler for the clients and themselves. Beltran explains, "The benefit for the client and us is the same. This tool reduces the overhead to service clients and allows us to arrive at quicker turnaround time on time sensitive information."

Beltran also explains why iMIX had not been introduced in India so far. "It's been made available in markets that are media stable; India hasn't been as stable and is a rapidly changing environment. Hence, it is difficult to systemise and automate the system." The system has now been developed such that it is flexible and can be modified for any changes that need to be applied.

Expressing the idea behind launching iMIX, Beltran says, "What we want to articulate here is that we see a tremendous opportunity within India. And we are heavily investing in technology to help us leapfrog from a manual space to an online space; in order to service our customer from any location in India, given our clients are in multi locations."

This is the first such interface created within India in the media space, but is common practice in other markets.

IPG will conduct workshops with the clients to familiarise them with the new interface. ITC is one such client.

First Published : September 12, 2008

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