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By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | September 29, 2008
The company has undergone a makeover and plans to be a one-stop shop for media solutions


is constant," says Vikram Lakhani, director, Orienta Cine Advertising. Lakhani's company has revamped its corporate identity and is now simply Orienta Advertising.

The company, which started as a cine advertising provider, will now provide integrated advertising solutions across media, activations and entertainment. The transformation is in line with expansion of business and an attempt to establish Orienta Advertising as a one-stop shop for media solutions.

Orienta Cine Advertising was set up in 1994 and provided on-screen cinema advertising solutions. In 2006, the company started offering branding and promotional solutions in malls and multiplexes.

Vikram Lakhani
Now after the makeover, it has unveiled a new logo and a new identity. The colour combination of the new logo is red and blue, with an arrow emerging from the letter 'e' in Orienta. The red marked 'e' underlines Orienta Advertising's competitive edge, while an emerging arrow symbolises the creative bent of mind reinforcing this edge. The company also has a new slogan: 'Engage. Connect. Emerge.'

The new aggressive look aims to drive the message that Orienta is way ahead in providing media solutions with its indepth knowledge and that it aims to drill the psyche of the audience to "engage" them with brands, establish a "connect" to impel them to take home the brands, with the motive of helping its clients to "emerge" from the brand clutter.

Orienta's new corporate identity has been created with the help of 3 Brothers and Fils, the advertising agency which handles its creative duties.

Ketan Lakhani
In an official communiqué announcing the new identity, Ketan Lakhani, director, Orienta Advertising, explains the rationale behind the change, "Orienta has always believed in innovation and invention. And this brand makeover is part of our commitment to deliver business driving services. As media have got wider than ever before, we needed to expand our horizon to encompass every arena in brand promotions."

Vikram also tells afaqs! "Every age demands something new. Our core values remain the same, but Orienta has revamped itself to suite contemporary needs. So, as of 2008, you have a new Orienta."

Orienta Advertising bagged the on-screen media rights for Fame Multiplex in May. It also has exclusive on-screen media rights for Adlabs. In April, the company started offering transit advertising solutions as well and worked with Godrej and its sub-brand, Cinthol. This comprised bus branding and advertisement displays on bus shelters.

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