Lexi Pens billboard campaign 'grips' viewers

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News | October 01, 2008
A new billboard campaign has been unveiled, which focuses on the pen's grip


Pens, the stationery brand which is more than a decade old, is a renowned brand in its category. It manufactures a million pens a day and sells about 360 million pens worldwide annually.

For the promotion of its Lexi Slim brand, the company has decided to launch only a billboard campaign. The creative communication for the billboard was created by EncycloMedia Networks and shows a 3D man hanging off a pen. He looks as if he has been painting the Lexi logo onto the hoarding. An arrow points to the grip area of the pen, saying 'Perfect Grip', and the brand name, Lexi Slim, is seen on the pen cap nearby.

The objective was to bring alive the core strength and key communication of the pen for the consumer in a compelling way with a stunning and high impact creative.

The brief was to show that Lexi Slim pens have perfect grip and make writing easier, smoother and a pleasurable experience.

Discussing the creative idea with afaqs!, Mukesh Manik, the man in charge at EncycloMedia Networks, says, "Our campaigns are usually more visual than textual. We prefer to stick to the brand's unique selling proposition (USP). Here, the pen's USP is the perfect grip it offers and an arrow points to that."

Mukesh Manik
He adds, "The man is seen hanging off the pen to prove its grip. Instead of just hanging off the pen for no good reason, the idea was to make him look like one of the billboard painting artists who used to paint billboards till some years ago."

He adds that the visual on the creative does not have many digital effects and is simple enough for anyone to think that it is being painted. This caused a lot of people to do a double take, wondering if a man was really hanging off the billboard, painting it.

The interesting part about the billboard is that the painting idea led to the name of Lexi, with its red logo, being given prominence to grab attention and increase brand recall.

EncycloMedia has handled the entire creative and production duties for the campaign. The media agency is Portland Outdoor.

The campaign has been executed in Karnataka and coastal Andhra Pradesh, with a total of 50 high impact billboards. It will also be executed later in North India and in other states in a phased manner.

Informed sources revealed that Rs 25-30 lakh has been spent on the creatives and a total of Rs 1 crore has been spent on the total campaign, including the media spend.

For the record, Lexi Pens is known for India's highest selling single model pen, Lexi 5. The brand also has a global presence, including countries in South Africa, West Asia and the Far East.

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