Big Entertainment to foray into digital ad space

By Kapil Ohri , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | November 07, 2008
The company is working on a website called, which will be a platform for selling and buying digital ad inventory


Big Entertainment is getting ready to enter the digital advertising space. It is creating a website called, which will be a platform for selling and buying digital ad inventory for publishers and buyers.

Speaking to afaqs!, Sudipto Majumdar, chief operating officer,, says, "Conceptually, will be a digital advertising platform or an advertising marketplace. On the one side, it will tie up with websites or publishers to make available their advertising space or inventory for sale. On the other side, it will enable advertisers to use the platform to search for relevant publishers and bid for their advertising space or impressions."

The company is in the process of building the platform and will launch it commercially after April 2009. It has not finalised either the type of websites for tieups or the type of channels to be offered.

Majumdar says, "Initially, we will offer advertising solutions in the online media space only and allow advertisers to bid or transact for advertising space or impressions on the websites which use our platform. Only display ads such as banner ads, video ads, flash-based ads and audio ads will be offered. Later on, the platform will be opened for mobile advertising as well."

He adds, "This means that we will enable advertising on mobile portals and also help advertisers to carry out their SMS advertising campaigns."

In the future, the company also plans to offer digital outdoor advertising solutions through this platform. For instance, it will allow advertisers to showcase ads on TVs installed in shopping malls, which are controlled through the Internet at the backend.

Majumdar says that will earn its revenue through the commission fees to be charged to both advertisers and publishers. Whenever a transaction involving buying and selling of ad inventory takes place, advertisers and publishers have to pay an equal amount as fees to the company for using its platform.

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