Zee Cinema on the hunt for a movie jockey

By Sangeeta Tanwar , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | November 20, 2008
The movie jockey will be the face of the channel's film property, Klub

Zee Cinema

has launched a talent hunt for a movie jockey (MJ) to make film viewing more fun. The Klub MJ Hunt aims to promote the afternoon primetime (4.30pm) movie slot, Klub, on the channel.

Talking to afaqs!, Mohan Gopinath, business head, Zee Cinema, says, "In a country where films are a big passion, people are always hungry for more information in the form of interesting nuggets about movies and their favourite stars. Zee Cinema has a prime time slot, Klub, for movie buffs. Klub MJ Hunt will search for a movie jockey who will be the interface of the channel with its audience for Klub."

The movie jockey idea is not novel, given that SET Max already has a similar concept, called Extra Shots. Extra Shots is a collection of little known facts about the movie, usually shown before ad breaks during the movie.

Gopinath says, "The existing content in this realm is just a simple collection of facts. Our movie jockey, being a common person, will be in a position to strike a better emotional chord with the viewers and will bring in the required passion and enthusiasm to connect with the viewers throughout the movie."

Auditions for the talent hunt are being conducted in places such as Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Bhopal. The contestants will be judged on presence of mind, enthusiasm and knowledge of movies. Activities requiring the use of given props, coupled with song and dance acts, have been designed to test the contestants' suitability as presenters and their ability to function as a one-stop storehouse of movie trivia.

Gopinath shares that the ground events, consisting of different rounds in different cities, will be turned into a televised property. Moreover, the acts of the participants will be used as one minute quick movie breaks. The channel has been airing promos heavily for the past few days on its network channels.

People who are interested can enter for the contest by registering online on the website, www.zeecinema.com/KLUB, or by sending a short SMS code. On the spot registrations are also allowed.

The first leg of the auditions was kickstarted in Delhi on November 19. The grand finale will be held in Mumbai on December 17 and 18.

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