Assembly poll coverage results in 50 per cent increase in news viewership

By Sangeeta Tanwar , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing
Last updated : December 10, 2008
Hindi news channel STAR News and English news channel NDTV 24x7 got the maximum share of viewership in their respective genres


channels had a field day covering the results of the recent assembly elections in five states, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Mizoram, because it meant an increase in almost all their viewership ratings. According to aMap, the overall viewership of news channels increased by 50 per cent in comparison to November 24, which was also a Monday. While comparing the performance of the news channels, the November 24, which was also a Monday, GRP ratings have been taken to neutralise the post-Mumbai terror attacks' impact on GRPs. The coverage of the Mumbai attacks resulted in a natural rise in the news channels' viewership.

According to aMap, in terms of GRPs (gross rating points in percentage) of individual channels, for C&S, 15+, North, West and East markets, on December 9, among the Hindi news channels, STAR News was the leader with a GRP of 10.9. In the second place was Aaj Tak, which delivered a GRP of 10.1.

On November 24, C&S, 15+, North, West and East markets, STAR News had a GRP of 6.2. Aaj Tak recorded a GRP of 5.5 on that day.

India TV and IBN 7 recorded GRPs of 6.7 and 5.4, respectively, for their election coverage. These channels had GRPs of 4.6 and 2.7, respectively, on November 24. Other news channels such as Zee News and NDTV India managed GRPs of 3.5 and 2.7, respectively. Samay delivered a GRP of 2.5 for its election coverage.

All the news channels kept their viewers up to date, with senior editors and the most recognised faces of the channel analysing the election results and interacting with top political leaders. Studio telecasts were interspersed with direct reporting from the ground.

All the English news channels, too, witnessed an increase in their GRPs. As per the data by aMap (C&S, 15+, All India), on December 9, the highest GRP was delivered by NDTV 24x7 - 3.8. The channel notched up a GRP of 2.1 on November 24 for C&S, 15+, All India.

The second and third spots among English news channels have been taken by Times Now and CNN IBN with GRPs of 3.2 and 2.6, respectively. Their GRPs on November 24 were 1.3 and 2.6, respectively.

Headlines Today delivered a GRP of 0.8, while CNN managed a GRP of 0.7 because of their poll results coverage.

Other news channels such as CNN and BBC World managed GRPs of 0.5 and 0.1, respectively, on December 9.

Interestingly, both CNN IBN and Headlines Today did not see any rise or loss of GRPs on account of their election coverage.

First Published : December 10, 2008
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