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By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News | December 26, 2008
A hoarding idea for Pidilite's Hobby Ideas has generated a buzz in the city


arts and crafts hobby store, Hobby Ideas launched an innovative campaign that has generated a buzz in the city. The campaign, by Ogilvy & Mather, consisted of a teaser campaign spread over five days that ended with the reveal of a beautiful Origami butterfly.

The artistic campaign, to depict the Japanese art of paper folding, consisted of a hoarding that was designed to emulate paper. Beginning with a blank, white hoarding on day one, a change was incorporated each day. Day two saw a fold on the hoarding, revealing the yellow-green colour. Day three and four again saw a fold each. Finally, on day five, December 25, the last fold revealed the campaign, showing a beautiful butterfly with the message, 'Origami Kids available at Hobby Ideas'.

The team that worked on the campaign was headed by Abhijit Avasthi, executive creative director, South Asia and included Ganesh Nayak and Sameer Sojwal from creative; Vivek Verma and Bindiya Talluri from client servicing; and Imtiyaz Vilatra and Mahesh Sarawate from the OOH division, Ogilvy Action. Nayak was the one who conceived the entire idea.

Avasthi says that for Pidilite's Hobby Ideas, the constant brief has been to come up with creative ideas to depict the various craft products that the store offers.

Hobby Ideas offers a range of 2,500 products from different countries. The products are complemented with books, videos and workshops that make Hobby Ideas a complete experience for hobby enthusiasts. Hobby Ideas is currently present in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune. It will soon be expanding to other cities and towns in India.

One hoarding location in Mumbai, at Hughes Road, was used for the communication. This is an arterial road in upmarket South Mumbai, linking Opera House with Kemps Corner. The hoarding is Pidilite's flagship one, where advertising for other Pidilite brands, such as Fevistik and Fevicol, has also been displayed in the past.

Avasthi shares that the same idea may be taken to the other cities as well. But for now, the hoarding has caught the eye of many commuters who pass it daily and has generated a buzz.

Avasthi tells afaqs!, "The idea came up when someone thought that since Origami is the art of paper folding, can we depict this by actually folding a hoarding?"

He shares that it wasn't easy to create this teaser and revealer campaign, since it meant folding a hoarding, but after a few preparatory runs and a lot of work, they nailed it.

In the past, for Hobby Ideas, the agency has created campaigns depicting other crafts, such as paper crafts and pottery. It had also created a Ganesh Chaturthi special hoarding, where idols of Ganesha were made in clay, then metal and other materials.

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