Big Street conducts OOH study in Ahmedabad

By Rohit Nautiyal , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | January 08, 2009
The study was conducted to establish the efficacy of OOH on Ashram Road in the city


Street, the out of home division of Adlabs Films, recently partnered with market research firm IMRB for a study to measure the effectiveness of outdoor sites on Ahmedabad's popular Ashram Road.

Ashram Road stretches for about 9 kms and has a total of 125 outdoor spots. Big Street's inventory on the road consists of 35 unipoles and five gantries placed along 5 kms, starting from Airport Road and continuing up to Paldi Circle. The research study, conducted across a sample size of 1,769 individuals, revealed several insights about this stretch of road, which contributes 60 per cent of the city's outdoor revenue.

The broad idea behind the study was to help current and prospective clients understand the advantages and the reach of the inventories owned by Big Street, not only in Ahmedabad, but across the country. The study was conducted over 10 days.

An important finding was that the majority of the commuters on this road have not been to college. There was a higher proportion of skilled/unskilled workers, clerks, salesmen, students and people from SEC B and C. More than 90 per cent of the commuters were men, mostly married, and nearly half were in the age group of 21-30 years.

Commuters near the Income Tax Office Circle and The Times of India bus stand were, on an average, relatively less educated than those at Nehru Bridge Circle (NBCR) and Ellis Bridge Circle (EBCR). Those interviewed near NBCR and EBCR belonged to the upper socioeconomic class and were relatively younger.

Other insights thrown up by the study were that two-wheeler and four-wheeler commuters on Ashram Road were relatively more educated. With increase in income, people prefer four-wheelers, followed by personal two-wheelers and auto rickshaws, for commuting. Shop owners and businessmen commute more in four-wheelers. The higher socioeconomic classes prefer four-wheelers, while the younger age groups prefer commuting by bus.

The categories of brands which advertise regularly on Ashram Road include real estate, entertainment, automobiles, retail, FMCG, apparel and jewellery.

Arun Pinto, regional vice-president, South and West, Big Street, explains how the study will be put to use. "One of the core values of Big Street is to build brands by creating an impact through OOH, reaching the relevant target audience at the most appropriate location. In line with these values, the research study helps us advise clients on how to deliver better value for their brands," says Pinto.

He adds, "We will share excerpts from the study with our clients. As a study conducted by an independent third-party professional market research agency, it serves as a reliable guide for clients as well as a testimonial of the effectiveness of Big Street's inventory."

He explains that Ashram Road records a high frequency for those visiting for work-related reasons; leisure is the second most stated purpose. The younger audience has shown higher brand recall. These results could be the outcome of the upgrading (such as cladding and digital clocks) undertaken by Big Street on its sites.

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