Huggies Dry looks for tiny superstars

By Chhavi Tyagi , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | January 09, 2009
Kimberly-Clark Lever launches a hunt for superstar babies to grace a special edition of their diaper brand, Huggies Dry


all mothers, their children are superstars. To celebrate this sentiment and to generate trials of Huggies Dry, Kimberly-Clark Lever has launched a campaign, Huggies Superstars.

The contest was launched on November 24 and the entry collection process will continue until January 31. The date for announcing the winners will be decided after all the entries are collected. Four babies will be declared winners and their pictures will be featured on a special edition of Huggies Dry packages.

Rajeev Mohan, managing director, Kimberly-Clark Lever, tells afaqs!, "It is our constant endeavour to help parents provide the best care for their babies. We strive to do that, not just with our products, but also by creating a wholesome experience for mothers. This campaign is a step towards that. It builds on the concept of every mother thinking of her child as a superstar."

The campaign, which was conceptualised jointly by the Huggies brand marketing team and its media agency, Mindshare Fulcrum, is a mix of on-ground and on-air activities. Big Integrated Team is responsible for the execution of the campaign. It will leverage its radio station, Big FM, as well as its activation agency, Big Reach, for the campaign.

Viraj Jit Singh, national head, integrated sales, Big Integrated Team, shares the insight that was given to the team for the campaign. "There were four simple guidelines that we worked on: To every mother, her baby is a superstar; it's very common among the target group to take a lot of photos of their babies; create a platform where Huggies can engage with both mother and baby; last, but not least, all communication must be in tandem with the core brand message, 'Huggies keeps your baby happy'."

Entries to the contest can be sent in three ways: on air through Big FM, on ground through mall activations, or through the Huggies Dry website.

Theme-based contests are being aired on Big FM in the six metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad). By winning them, mothers can win free entries to the Huggies Superstars contest for their babies.

The themes have been designed around the many precious moments in mothers' lives that have to do with their children. For instance, in Superstars Ke Super Pyare Nakhre, the RJ asks callers to share with the listeners their kids' special tantrums, which make them smile instead of getting angry. Similarly, there are other themes, such as Superstars Ke Super Pyare Naam (nicknames) and Superstars Ki Super Pyari Lori (lullaby).

The winner of the contest gets a visit from a Big FM RJ, accompanied by a representative of the Huggies creative team and a professional photographer, who will click the baby's picture and gift the mother a hamper.

The on-ground part involves mall activations, in which parents can buy a Huggies Dry pack and get their babies' photos clicked on the spot by professional photographers. The mall activation was done in 10 malls for two weeks in December, in the six metros and in Pune and Ahmedabad. Both the on-air and on-ground activity will be repeated in January for three and two weeks, respectively.

On the Huggies Dry website, parents can send entries by filling a form and uploading their baby's picture. For this, they need to buy a packet of Huggies Dry and enter the code mentioned on the packet on the form.

Mohan says that the entire contest is built around the concept of photographs. "We all know that babies and pictures go hand in hand. Parents can never take enough pictures of their babies. We wanted to capitalise on that and create a contest with these very pictures."

The brand is promoting the campaign heavily on air through ad spots that involve parents sharing testimonials. For on-ground promotions, posters and leaflets have been placed at 15 paediatric clinics, while 15x10 feet cutouts have been placed at 20 malls in all the eight cities.

Mohan says, "We are overwhelmed by the response that we've got over the last month, which substantiates our theory of mothers wanting to see their kids as superstars."

As of now, more than 2,500 entries have come through just the website. The numbers are only expected to increase in January.

After January 31, the entries received will be judged by an independent panel, which will comprise some reputed photographers, Huggies' packaging agency and the inhouse creative team.

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