Hungama reveals new logo, plans to diversify into B2C services

By Kapil Ohri , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | January 14, 2009
The company has changed its name to Hungama Digital Media Entertainment (P) Ltd and revamped its logo to represent the changes


Marketing (P) Ltd, popularly known as Hungama in the digital media ecosystem, has changed its name to Hungama Digital Media Entertainment (P) Ltd and reworked its visual identity with the launch of a new company logo.

Citing the reasons for the change in the company name, Neeraj Roy, managing director and chief executive officer, Hungama, tells afaqs!, "Our earlier name did not bring out the complete essence of all the businesses we run today. It was only indicative of the online and mobile marketing parts of our business."

He adds, "It did not highlight the other businesses we have ventured into in the past 10 years, such as entertainment, promotional marketing and ad sales for entertainment portals such as and Very soon, we will venture into the business to consumer (B2C) segment as well."

The new logo has been designed by Law & Kenneth, which was selected from the six ad agencies that pitched for the new visual identity assignment. As compared to the old logo, which had the brand name Hungama written in black on a yellow background, the new logo is more contemporary and is represented by a triangle, which is actually a depiction of the Play button. The brand name, Hungama, is written in lower case in blue, with an incomplete letter 'G'.

The Play symbol (triangle) is formed by the intersection of three triangles represented in blue, green and orange.

Roy says, "The Play button indicates forward and continuous motion and it is also synonymous with the entertainment world, which we are also into - be it mobile or online entertainment. The three colours are derivatives of the primary colours from a digital perspective - red, blue and green - and they actually represent the three digital screens that make up the world today - PC, mobile and Internet TV."

Roy explains the blue colour and the incomplete 'G' in Hungama, saying, "Blue is a universal and natural colour. It is the colour of the sky and it indicates infinite possibilities to be explored in the years to come. The letter 'G' in the logo is incomplete and it will remain so in the quest for perfection. It adds irreverence to our brand identity and indicates our urge to challenge convention and define our own benchmarks. It also highlights our desire to innovate and represents a work in a state of motion."

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