MCA recreational centre opens under Umbrella

By Savia Jane Pinto , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising
Last updated : January 20, 2009
The Mumbai Cricket Association gave the design house a free hand while designing the recreational centre


Mumbai Cricket Association's Indoor Cricket Academy and Recreational Center underwent a rebranding recently. The project was handled by design house Umbrella.

Starting work over a year ago with the brochure for the Indoor Cricket Academy, Umbrella also worked on the brochure for the cricket ground and the recreational centre. The design house worked on the internal designs for the recreational centre as well, such as restaurant names, menu, signage and other design aspects.

The recreational centre'e logo was tweaked a bit to bring in a touch if regailty and grandeur, while retaining the earlier colours. "Considering the vastness of the structure and the fact that there isn't another of its kind in the country, the logo needed to convey those things," Farhad Elavia, chief operating officer, Umbrella, tells afaqs!

The recreational centre has a wrought iron gate at its entrance and has an old-English feel. Both the gate and the driveway now display the new logo. The logo is also imprinted on member cards and merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, cups and bottles.

Deven Sansare, executive creative director, Umbrella, tells afaqs! that while working on the recreational centre, "the idea was to keep in mind the underlying theme of cricket".

The interior décor has been kept contemporary. The restaurants within the recreational centre have been given cricket based names. For instance, the Far-east cuisine restaurant is called Oriental Swing and the bar is called Spin. Other restaurants are Pavilion and Western Willow.

The logos for each of the restaurants use a different set of colours and aim to capture a sense of activity.

Umbrella also created the template for the menu cards in each restaurant to be in sync with the logo style. The other collaterals in the restaurant, such as cutlery, coasters and uniforms, were designed by the design house, too.

The vast property has been divided and coded as per colour and the directional signage, too, uses the same colours. For example, the Party Lawn is denoted by orange and all signage indicating the way towards the Party Lawn is orange in colour.

The parking lot has also been given an Umbrella touch. The parking space, which is large enough to house around 600 cars, has been treated like a cricket field. And zones called Mid Off, Mid On, Gully, Third Man and Mid Wicket denote the various parts of the parking area.

First Published : January 20, 2009

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