UTV launches Bindass Reality Table with CCD

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Last updated : February 16, 2009
UTV Bindass gets into a tie up with Cafe Coffee Day to launch a reality show, Bindass Reality Table, to engage their common target group

How do you react when you are sitting at your favourite table in a cafe with a camera facing you - do you talk about life as you see it, confess a long time crush, or maybe just do a jig? UTV Bindass gives you a chance to do all that and some more, as the channel, along with Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), launches a reality show to 'Expresso Yourself'.

Bindass, the youth entertainment channel from UTV, has launched a reality show, called Bindass Reality Table, in a tie up with the coffee chain, Cafe Coffee Day. The show will involve a table at a specific cafe in Bandra, Mumbai set up as the 'reality table' - with CCTV cameras manning it for all open hours.


Cherian, business head, UTV Bindass, sharing the concept of the show with afaqs!, says, "It will be a kind of a video blog where youngsters, our target group, can come and let the world know their thoughts, their talent, their fun streak or just about anything. We are simply asking the youth to 'Expresso Yourself' to the world, knowing that fame is an important driver in their lives. "

The show will be in the form of vignettes shown from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm on the channel, with high rotation throughout the day. The Bindass team will select the clips to be aired to remove objectionable or uninteresting content. The show will be tried out initially for three months, with the reality table moving to different CCD outlets after every 14 days. After Mumbai, the show will also feature outlets in Delhi and Bengaluru.

Cherian adds that as the youth spend more time outside their homes, Bindass thought of being where its viewers are and approached CCD.

Says Cherian, "Our core target group is the youth and when we think about youth hangouts, CCD is a popular one. As the young people are very familiar with the environment of CCD, we'll host the show in that environment. Also, it's time for partnerships and as the overall slowdown gets worse, it is a good way to have both brands benefiting from the initiative."

"We approached CCD with the idea and it immediately saw the connect. Besides, amongst all the coffee retail houses, CCD has the widest national presence and is as brand conscious as we are."

Bidisha Nagaraj, president, marketing, CCD, says, "Bindass approached us with the idea and we instantly recognised that the show brings out the common thread shared by the brands. CCD and Bindass continuously look for different kinds of promotions and programmes for our common target group and through this show, we are yet again launching a new experience for our consumers."

There is no time limit for the performances on the reality table, although both Bindass and CCD will look out for interesting content.

The show will be promoted through all UTV network channels, on radio, through print advertisements and television campaigns, with CCD bringing up the on-ground promotions in its outlets across 25 cities.

Nagaraj says, "We have a good consumer base frequenting our outlets everyday and we will promote the show amongst them. In the outlets, our staff will acquaint them with the concept of the show and what they have to do. Apart from that, we'll have posters in the outlets and tent cards on the tables."

Cherian adds that the concept of the show will ensure its distinctiveness and create a space for it in the realm of reality shows. "All reality shows have a certain type of requirement - either they look at celebrities for themselves or participants are required to possess a certain bizarre streak. However, in our show, anybody and everybody can participate.

"There are no auditions and no timings - consumers can come at their own convenience. Nobody has to risk their lives to participate in the show. Normal but interesting is what we are looking at. We are simply making the gate a whole lot wider when it comes to reality television."

The show will run for three months initially. Subsequently, the duration may be extended and the scale increased, depending on the response received by it. The tie up with CCD is also limited to this period, after which Bindass may collaborate with other retail touch points. CCD will also evaluate its side of bargain by gauging the effectiveness of the show and whether the show converts into more footfalls for its outlets.

First Published : February 16, 2009
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