Endemol now plans to launch a laughter challenge for women

By Sangeeta Tanwar , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | March 19, 2009
The show will be called Ladies Special and will be an opportunity for women to prove their mettle as stand-up comedians

Endemol India is preparing the battleground for women to prove their mettle as stand-up comedians on its new show, Ladies Special.

The programme is still at the concept stage and Endemol India is yet to settle on a channel for the show.

The show will hunt for the country's finest women stand-up comedian. It will be another comedy and humour driven property from the company which has produced popular shows such as The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Bigg Boss.

Besides the new show, Endemol India is ready to roll out three new shows for the Marathi general entertainment channel (GEC), Mi-Marathi. The three shows are Choti Khushi Motha Fun, Hasya Katta and Chinya.

Speaking to afaqs!, Deepak Dhar, managing director, Endemol India, says, "Ladies Special will act as a platform for talented women to come forward and exhibit their funny sides to the world. It will be a family entertainer and will see 13 contestants putting across their points of view touching various aspects of life."

Endemol India has also produced the popular comedy Chhote Miyan besides shows such as The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. The popularity of Chhote Miyan, the stand-up comedy act led by kids on Colors, has motivated the company to mount another programme, Chhote Miyan Bade Miyan, on the same channel.

The concept of women stand-up comedians is not new to Indian Television. The audience has enjoyed stand-up comedy by women earlier on Endemol India's The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

How different and innovative will Ladies Special be? Dhar elaborates, "The structure and presentation of the show will be more or less the same as the earlier shows. However, Ladies Special will showcase different layers of comedy."

"The selection of contestants will ensure that the audience gets to enjoy various forms of comedy including poetry, satire, situational/observational humour and mimicry. A wide range of emotions will see the funniest side of contestants."

Dhar is also excited about the new shows on Mi-Marathi as he believes that the three shows prove that Endemol India has what it takes to deliver shows of all scales and budgets.

Choti Khushi Motha Fun is once again a comedy act involving kids. Hasya Katta captures two groups competing against each other, using comedy to comment on a number of political, cultural and social issues. The two groups will enact various situations to communicate the required message to the audience. The third show, Chinya, is about a young boy and his mischievous acts with his family and friends.

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