Live-In Lites to step up advertising from August

By , agencyfaqs! | In | July 13, 2000
Gunning for a bigger share of the cotton casuals market, Live-In Lites is consolidating itself in North and Western India, and is planning to scale up its ad spend.

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NEW DELHI, July 13

Live-In Lites, the cotton casuals range from Microtex Industries Ltd, a subsidiary of the Rs 205-crore VIP Group, is all set to launch an ad blitz in August, to coincide with the brand's thrust into North and Western India. Live-In Lites, a stable-mate of Microtex's flagship brand Live-In Jeans, comprises non-wrinkle khakis, cotton chinos and cargo pants.
Advertising for the range first broke in May this year, and the company has already spent about Rs 1.5 crore on advertising. However, post August 2000, the ad spend is likely to be upped, as the company has got its distribution chain and retail network in place to meet the increased demand from the northern and western regions.
Since launch, Live-In, as a brand, has been powerful in the South, where its distribution is fairly comprehensive.
Estimates put the size of the casual market at Rs1,400-1,500 crore, which includes the non-branded players. The cotton casuals segment is currently growing at 15 per cent, but estimates suggest that growth would touch 25 per cent by the end of the year.
Incidentally, the cotton segment is growing at the cost of the denim segment, which is going through a lean phase, both globally, and in India.
For Microtex, there is a lot at stake in pushing the Live-In brand into the heartland. Unlike in the case of ready-to-wear brands in the premium segment, brands in the mid-segment depend upon volumes. And to achieve volumes, sizeable presence in the northern and western markets is a must. In fact, the company plans to complement its current offerings with complete casual wear for both sexes.
While the communication strategy for Live-In Lites' new campaign will hinge around cheekiness - in keeping with the brand's personality - the campaign is likely to leverage the print media in an attempt to increase reach.
Contract, Mumbai, the agency that has been handling Live-In's advertising since its launch, is all set to flex its creative muscle. The agency, however, declined to divulge the revised ad budget of Live-In Lites.

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