Airtel is not just a cell phone service

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | June 04, 2009
Bharti Airtel has launched an on-ground campaign to educate its consumers on its fixed line and broadband services

Bharti Airtel has launched an on-ground initiative to help its existing and prospective consumers understand the company's various offerings of fixed line and broadband services.

Rohit Malhotra, chief executive officer, Airtel Telemedia, South, says, "In today's world, both the phone and internet have become indispensable parts of everyone's day-to-day life. However, the irony still remains that the masses are not completely aware of the power of these tools and the various key services offered by them. We hope that through this interactive session, we will be able to enlighten people about the same and educate them on the need, significance and ease of communication through fixed line and broadband services offered by Airtel."

The initiative is called Hello Supermarket, because the exhibitions and interactions are being conducted in various supermarkets. Three cities -- Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai -- are being covered initially, but the company plans to take the initiative to other cities as well, albeit in a phased manner.

"This is an initiative launched in South India, and if successful, could be replicated in other regions as well. We are looking at a timeline of eight weeks. We may extend this if we gather good momentum," says Malhotra.

At these interactions, Airtel demonstrates its key fixed line and broadband services, along with giving an experience of high-speed internet. To engage the target group -- which comprises parents and kids - the company is also holding various competitions for children and their parents, who come for the exhibition.

Malhotra adds, "We will cover as many towns as possible with this initiative and spread the knowledge on broadband and fixed-line. We will try and make it interactive with games and experience, as well as demo of various services, as the learning is faster. We want people to believe what they see or feel and not the hearsay."

The event is open for all and the company is building buzz for it through road shows and radio promotions. The campaign has been conceived and is being executed by the marketing team of Airtel.

The major cost for this initiative is the cost of execution, says Malhotra, adding that Airtel spends anywhere between 40-50 per cent of its marketing budget on BTL activities.

Airtel has also announced that all its existing customers have the opportunity to avail the value-added services provided by the company, which include PC secure, Parallel Ringing and Games on Demand.

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