India-West Indies match draws 18 million viewers

By Sapna Nair , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | June 16, 2009
The match between India and West Indies was watched by 1.84 crore viewers

The ICC World Twenty20 series started on a rather dull note with the England-Netherlands match on June 5, recording an average rating of 1.1 on STAR Cricket, as per aMap data for C&S 15+, All India audiences.

The India-Bangladesh match on June 6 recorded an average viewership rating of 3.9. The match was watched more keenly in the metros, which recorded an average TVR of 4.2.

The India-Ireland match, held on June 10, managed to fetch a high TVR of 3.4 on an average, with close to 14 million viewers tuning in to catch a glimpse of the match across India. In the six metros, the viewership was slightly higher and reached a TVR of 4.

The highest grosser was the match between India and West Indies, which had more than 18 million viewers tuning in. The match garnered the highest rating of 5.3.

The match held on June 14 between India and England was watched by about 17 million viewers. It recorded a TVR of 4.8 all India, while in the metros, it managed to fetch a TVR of 4.2. In 2007, when India had won the tournament, the match between India and England had recorded a TVR of 3.7, all India.

The most watched non-India match in the Twenty20 series this year till date has been the one between Australia and Sri Lanka, which garnered a TVR of 2.9.

For the record, the highest grosser in 2007 was the final match between India and Pakistan, which garnered the highest TVR of 5.9, with more than 14 million viewers tuning into the match.

Compared to last season, the viewership for each of the matches this year is much higher. The number of viewers catching a glimpse of the Twenty20 World Series has also definitely increased. With India out from the tournament this time, the viewership may see a downfall from here.

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