Cannes 2009: Indian digital campaigns need to create a momentum for the brand

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
Three Grand Prix were awarded in the Cyber Lions category, but no metals for India

India had to be satisfied with just one nomination in the Cyber Lions category. It could not win a metal.

The jury was of the opinion that the Indian entries were too small in scale in terms of the other entries and both the client and the agencies need to work on this. The digital campaigns need a much broader objective.

Rather than fulfilling the immediate needs for the brand, they need to create a momentum for the brand. Only then could they compete with other works at the global level.

Overall, the jury was quite excited with the kind of work entered in this category. The Cyber Lions jury was headed by Lars Bastholm, chief digital creative officer, Ogilvy North America. He said that the quality of entries in this category revealed that digital no longer lives in a vacuum and plays a larger role in the main campaign.

For the same reasons, 'The best job in the world' campaign by Cumminsnitro, Brisbane won its third Grand Prix. The campaign has won Grand Prix in the Direct and PR Lions.

Bastholm said, "'The best job in the world' campaign would have been a tiny little campaign without the digital part. The digital media helped the campaign draw attention towards it, and gave it momentum."

"The video uploads also popularised the campaign further. In short, the actual heavy lifting was done by the digital medium," he added.

The objective of the campaign was to raise the awareness of Queensland's islands of the Great Barrier Reef. They created a position - caretaker of the island - which was too good to be true. Several print ads were published for this position in print as well as job sites around the world.

The news of the opportunity spread across online news sites, forums and blogs. People also uploaded videos, talking about why they deserved the job. In 56 days, had 6,849,504 visits and 47,548,514 page views, with an average of 8.62 minutes spent on the website. About 36,648 people from 201 countries had applied for the job.

In this category, three Grand Prix were awarded. The other two were for Eco:Drive, a digital campaign for Fiat in the Interactive Tool category; and 'Why so serious?', a movie marketing campaign by 42 Entertainment to promote the movie, The Dark Knight.

The Eco:Drive campaign is quite an interesting one. Fiat wanted to promote itself as a fuel efficient car. It developed an application which users could download from the website in a pen drive. The application was then connected via Blue&Me (Fiat's in-car Bluetooth system).

The application then collected and analysed the data based on the driver's acceleration, de-acceleration, gear changes and speed. The technology also allows Fiat drivers to easily understand how their driving techniques and habits can be improved to reduce CO2 emissions and save money on fuel.

This is a classic example of how a product communicates what it does. This piece of work was awarded a Grand Prix because the jury wanted to send a message to the agency as well as the brand owners. It clearly sets an example of how agencies can look at a deeper level involvement. It also sends a message to the auto industry on how huge innovations can be done using web tools. Furthermore, it teaches how one can continue a relationship with the consumer for days and weeks.

The third Grand Prix in this category was for the 'Why so serious?' campaign. While movie marketing websites do not go beyond images, clips and games, this campaign was a 360 degree alternate reality experience which was deep, pervasive, interactive and viral.

Centred on the web, usually the campaign moved to mobile, mail, flash mobs, scavenger hunts, casual games, user generated content and collaborative narratives.

The entire campaign ran over 18 months. As a jury member added, the campaign laid out a storyline parallel to the actual movie.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM

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