Britannia takes Milk Bikis on its first activation tour in Bihar

By Chhavi Tyagi , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | August 10, 2009
The company launched its first-ever activation for Milk Bikis to drive the brand proposition harder

Britannia, in association with Candid Marketing, recently came out with an on-ground campaign for its product, Milk Bikis in certain regions of Bihar. The strategy was to appeal not only to the immediate target group, that is, kids; but also to go a step ahead and involve those influencers who drive this target group's consumption habits -- their mothers.

That was the insight that Britannia shared with Candid Marketing, when it asked the latter to explore an informative-cum-fun campaign which would drive the message home. This is the first ever on-ground activation that Britannia has executed for Milk Bikis. The push came from a research conducted by the company, which made the need to supplement its mass media campaigns with consumer connect programmes quite evident.

Anuradha Narasimhan, category director, health and wellness, Britannia, says that Bihar is a very important market for Milk Bikis and the activation was an effective way of giving consumers a brand experience.

"Though we have mass media campaigns running for Milk Bikis, but we were not seeing the returns that we wanted. We realised that we need to drive harder the nutritional proposition of the product with our consumers; and the way to do it was through an on-ground consumer connect programme. Also, another reason was that we were a bit media uncertain in Bihar and were working out a system through which we could make the brand experience available to our consumers."

Since the campaign -- unlike other activations launched by Britannia for products such as Tiger and NutriChoice, where the company only targeted its immediate consumers -- worked on two groups (kids and their mothers), the approach was also designed differently.

"We spoke to mothers on the milk nutrition factor, making it more of an information dispensing activity done in a fun manner. The kids were handled differently. They were engaged with the delight factor of Milk Bikis by engaging them in games and also handing them free samples of the product," shares Narasimhan, The company claims that this 20-day activation touched base with around 12,000 people in regions such as Bhagalpur, Begusarai, Dharbhanga, Muzzafarpur, Chapra, Hazipur, Patna, Aarah, Sasaram and Gaya.

Devika Sharma, vice-president, client servicing, Candid Marketing, speaks on the strategy of the campaign, "We held interactive sessions with both the children and their mothers, aimed at Educating, Exciting and Encouraging, which we call the 3E module to influence them to buy Milk Bikis biscuits."

The initial plan was to connect with school kids and their mothers outside schools, by floating a branded vehicle and engaging them in games. Later, however, the activity was extended to inside schools, marketplaces, temples and residential complexes.

"It was getting a bit difficult to have the reserved natured mothers in Bihar to come and interact with the product and brand in the road show. Therefore, our team actually entered small gullies, local mandis, smaller markets and even houses, to speak to them and encourage them to participate in the activity," says, Sharma.

The Candid Marketing think tank designed two games to engage the audience. The first game was called Vitamin Hunter, where a life-sized acrylic (transparent) milk glass was created and filled with white table-tennis balls and four differently coloured balls. While the white balls represented milk, the coloured balls stood for the four vitamins present in Milk Bikis biscuits. The TG was asked to collect the four "vitamins" from the glass to win themselves a packet of the biscuits.

For another game called Feed Me Bikis, a basket was created inside the van and kids were asked to throw balls inside it, to score points within the given span of time. Kids with the maximum scores were given samples of the product.

Thus, while the first activity worked on driving the nutritional proposition of the product, the second one was done to delight kids through a fun game.

Though Narasimhan refused to divulge the spends on the campaign, she says that the company spends on different media vehicles, depending more on what the brief requires. Assigning budgets to a prospective effective campaign has never been a problem, she states.

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