Radio Misty to tweak its content from Independence Day

By Sumantha Rathore , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | August 14, 2009
Starting August 15, the radio station has decided to launch new programming and make it more crisp and compact

Radio Misty, which operates in North Bengal and Sikkim, has decided to revamp its programming strategy to make the shows more crisp and compact, and introduce two new programmes. The changes will be effective from August 15.

The new shows lined up for launch are Aap ki Mehfil and Shaam-e-Ghazal. Aap ki Mehfil, which goes on air on Sunday (August 16) evening, will play a mix of old and new numbers from 7-10 pm. Shaam-e-Ghazal will be aired from 10-11pm.

& #BANNER1 & #Radio Misty plays music in five languages, including Hindi, Bengali, English, Nepali and Bhojpuri.

Talking about the new programming, Dilip Dugar, vice-president, Radio Misty, says, "At Radio Misty, we regularly change the content based on the listeners' feedback. From the feedback, we decided to go in for a fresh approach in the programming."

He informs that the station held a survey regarding its music content and based on that, the radio venture will take a crispier and compact route, apart from adding new segments to the shows.

The station has decided to put a thrust on the outdoor activities and live links. "We are introducing a new format of live link, wherein people from across the region will be able to participate in the live shows on lifestyle and travel," he informs.

The radio jockeys will indulge in crisp chats and play more music. Apart from the new shows, the station has rescheduled the timings of its existing shows as well. For example, the timing of its Nepali show, Misty Choutari, has been extended from two hours to three hours.

Apart from regular Bollywood gossip, lifestyle, dreams and issues relevant to the common man will form a large chunk of the content of the shows.

To communicate the change to the listeners and the advertisers, Radio Misty is creating a buzz through outdoor activities, including road shows. Local TV networks have also been roped in to air the change in the content and about 30 hoardings have been put up in the region to declare the revamp of the brand.

In an official communiqué, Nishant Mittal, chief executive officer, Radio Misty, says, "We do regular survey with listeners and on the basis of their feedback change the shows and music content. Radio Misty is the station for listeners and we always create shows on their advice and feedback."

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