A 'Moov'ing ode to the giver of life

By Savia Jane Pinto , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | September 29, 2009
Moving beyond the problem-solution route, the pain reliever has graduated to the next level

For 15 years, it has been within reach when the body couldn't take the stresses and strains of life. Now the backache reliever stands to salute the woman it has been helping for such a long time.

The latest campaign for Moov, the pain reliever from Paras Pharmaceuticals, is titled 'Janani' which stands for the giver of life - a woman.

No more pain

Created by Ignite Mudra, the creative agency, the television commercial is a collection of moments, where a woman gives in to her inner child.

For over 15 years, Moov has become a popular brand across the nation. The consumer base of Moov has expanded with the increasing number of working women. Consumers seek newness and Paras, too, felt that after spending a decade with the problem-solution approach in its communication, it was time to move on, to build an emotional connect with the core consumer.

With the new communication, the brand has stepped into a new phase of its journey. The campaign also marks new packaging for the brand. Ajay Rawal, General Manager ( Marketing ), Paras Pharma, says, "Pain will always be part of life, and the pain reliever will also be handy."

I'm a child, I'm a mother

The full-edit ad opens on the shot of a woman, stealthily taking her husband's bike keys, so that she can take her daughter to school on her husband's Bullet. In another instance, while returning from shopping for veggies, a woman tackles the cricket ball that has just been thwacked by a group of boys playing on the street. Many other such moments, where a woman gives in to her instincts, have been captured. In the final instance, she's one among the many kids who are trying to retrieve something that is on a height, and during the lunge, she hurts her back.

The ad ends with the woman's husband applying Moov to ease her backache.

Currently, the ad is being aired in 15-second and 30-second versions. Press, point of purchase, outdoor and radio will be part of the media mix. A viral is also on the cards.

Sanjay Menon, who is the executive creative director at Ignite Mudra, and his team are responsible for the campaign. Since it was time for the brand to graduate, Ignite Mudra decided to empower a woman to do what she wants, and in case of any pain, there's always Moov.

The idea was conceptualised by group head of copy, Akashneel Dasgupta. "The attempt is to convey that you could do what your heart tells you, let the child within take over because there's Moov to fall back upon," says Dasgupta.

Paras had briefed the agency to avoid showing the woman doing any sort of banal work, but to highlight her. Hence, the thought stems from the fact that a woman has an impulsive side too.

Director's move

Menon says that apart from the idea, what added value was the way the film was shot by Chrome Films and directed by Amit Sharma. Chrome was chosen because the production house understands India very well, says Menon. The women in the film are from different parts of India and that has been shown with subtlety.

The music has been conceptualised by Dasgupta, while the lyrics have been written by Swanand Kirkare. Mohit Chauhan has sung the tribute-like song.

Did it 'moov' you?

afaqs! spoke to a few adlanders from the creative side, on whether the ad came as a relief.

Nandini Nair, group creative head at TBWA found the ad interesting, since some of the situations were very fresh; for example, the part where the woman comes back and splashes water on the boy.

"The thought that when the spirit wants to soar, don't let your body let you down is nice," says Nair. The execution, she feels, adds value to the entire campaign.

Raj Nair, ECD, Contract Advertising rates it as a well-produced commercial with an above-average music score. "Something that you'd see in Chrome's commercials," he says. However, he feels that there isn't any newness in the plot per se.

When we ask him whether the commercial will move its audience, he leaves it for the ladies to decide.

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