Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme comes to India

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | October 06, 2009
The company has partnered with Indian Dental Association (IDA) to educate masses on the uses of chewing sugar-free gum

Recently, Wrigley announced the launch of the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme (WOHP) in India, an initiative designed to support dental professionals, by providing them information and practical resources to promote an oral-care routine among their patients. The programme has been brought to India after spanning 46 countries.

The WOHP will support independent clinical research into preventive dentistry, keeping in mind Indian lifestyles and food patterns. It will support oral-care professionals with continuing education programmes and conferences, and foster oral-health education through digital media, brochures and other study material.

Grounded in more than two decades of clinical research and consumer outreach, WOHP has also conducted activations across the globe, aimed to help oral-care professionals and consumers understand the role of sugar-free gum in a regular oral-care routine.

Wrigley conducted a clinical research, claiming that chewing sugar-free gum like Orbit reduces the incidence of tooth decay by up to 40 per cent. Also, according to the research, dentists around the world agree that check-up, brushing, flossing and chewing can contribute to healthy teeth and gums.

On the occasion of World Oral Health Day, Orbit sugar-free chewing gum, in collaboration with Indian Dental Association (IDA), partnered with 60 dentists in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru for conducting free oral check-ups. It was here that people were offered Orbit as a preventive measure for tooth decay. On the same day, phone lines at Radio Mirchi were thrown open for free dental consultancy.

Gautam Sharma, managing director, Wrigley India, says in an official communiqué, "The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme is a holistic programme to promote good daily oral-care routines and improve overall oral-health consciousness in India. The programme provides dental professionals and consumers with the latest information and advice on oral health care."

In September, Wrigley's Orbit partnered with the fashion industry at the first ever Van Heusen Men's Week, to send out strong oral care messages on the eve of World Oral Health Day. Oral health pledges were signed by fashion industry veterans, such as JJ Valaya and Sunil Sethi; along with Paramjit Singh, president, IDA; Ashok Dhoble, secretary general, IDA; and Himanshu Khanna, director, marketing, Wrigley India.

Come October 9, the company will organise Mumbai Smiles, an oral-care marathon. As part of this, dentists will travel the length and breadth of the city in mobile vans, providing free dental check-ups to Mumbaikars.

India produces approximately 19,000 dental graduates every year and is becoming a favoured destination for world-class dental treatment. WOHP, through clinical research on various issues like plaque reduction and saliva stimulation, will further empower the dental fraternity with new empirical data. Also, widening the sphere of consumer engagement, WOHP will soon launch a dedicated website in India - www.wohp.co.in, to provide easily understandable information and advice in all areas of oral health.

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