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Paras Pharmaceuticals makes a 'Moov' on-ground

By Rohit Nautiyal , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | October 09, 2009
The FMCG major has partnered with Big 92.7 FM to promote Moov Neck and Shoulder, targeted at working professionals

FMCG company, Paras Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Big 92.7 FM to promote Moov Neck and Shoulder, an anti-inflammatory spray in the pain management segment. The innovative campaign will reach out to audiences both on-air and on-ground, across Bengaluru.

The objective of the campaign is to position Moov Neck and Shoulder as a pain-reliever for working professionals in the age group of 25 years and above in SEC A and B. Since these men and women spend long hours in office, they are susceptible to neck and shoulder pain.

& #BANNER1 & #Ajay Rawal, general manager, marketing, Paras Pharmaceuticals shares that pain in the neck and shoulders is the second most widespread problem faced by men and women in metros, after back pain. "We chose Bengaluru to kick off this activity, because the city houses many BPO and IT companies, peopled by employees facing hectic schedules on a daily basis. Not to forget, these people spend long hours in front of computers, giving rise to health-related problems," he adds.

Big 92.7 FM chalked out an innovative programming strategy involving complete product integration into its content. Divided in three stages -- Exertion, Pain, and Relief -- the activity started on the radio station as dramatic conversations, in which the programming head of the station barged into the studio, announcing overtime for RJs. The RJs began cribbing and sulking on-air about the extended working hours.

In Stage II, the RJs voiced neck and shoulder problems due to overtime and exertion. Despite the severe pain, they continued hosting the show. Eventually, the pissed-off bunch of RJs refused to host the show, until they were relieved of the pain.

Stage III marked the second entry of the programming head, who came up with a solution for the RJs, by giving them massages using Moov Neck and Shoulder.

Commenting on the initiative, Sunil Kumaran, cluster head -- Karnataka and Kerala, Big 92.7 FM says, "Our plan for Moov Neck and Shoulder promises to engage audiences as they relate to what the RJs enact on air. The contact programme at offices also promises a relaxing experience. We are confident that Bangaloreans will come forward in large numbers to enjoy the Moov experience."

The on-air campaign led to an on-ground activity, titled 'EOD (end of the day) Time to Move Your Neck and Shoulders', unfolding in corporates across the city. During the promotional activity on the radio station, visits to specific workplaces to create awareness on health related issues were also announced.

The activity at workplaces saw employees undergoing warm-up sessions comprising neck and shoulder engagement activities, such as Nintendo Wii, a video game, and chair dancing, involving a lot of physical exertion. Also, under the supervision of an expert, employees were asked to do a few shoulder exercises using dumbbells shaped like a Moov pack. The participant who held the dumbbell for the longest time was awarded.

After the games and exercise sessions, employees were given massages by masseurs using Moov Neck & Shoulder. RJs took sound bytes from the employees who were relieved from the pain; song dedications were also made from the workplace.

The winning executives of different departments were given certificates, which acknowledged their contribution in keeping the 'neck and shoulder' of the department high. Winners were given gift hampers and shopping vouchers. In the end, employees got together for a small office party.

Based on the response gathered by the end of the activity, the company plans to take the initiative to other metros as well.

Traditionally, Paras Pharmaceuticals has relied heavily on television for promoting Moov. With the launch of Moov Neck and Shoulder, the company has explored both print and outdoor.

Also, this is the first time that the company has trodden the BTL path for Moov. By November, the company plans to come up with more on-ground activities for its products.

According to Rawal, the pain relief segment continues to grow steadily by 15 per cent per annum.

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