Effies 2009: Center Fresh chews up to the top

By Savia Jane Pinto , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | December 15, 2009
At the case study presentation of the Effies, Ogilvy India pulled out a different trick from its creative hat

The Advertising Club of Bombay received 164 entries for the Effies this year. The Effies 2009 final case study presentations were made yesterday at KC College, Mumbai. A total of 33 entries made it to the final shortlist in various categories.

Ogilvy India led the pack with 13 finalist entries. Among the many presentations, Center Fresh, the chewing gum from confectionery maker Perfetti, was nominated in the Consumer Products category.

Center Fresh has been present in the Indian market for a while now. However, the top spot has eluded the gum. Hence, for its 2008 campaign, Ogilvy came up with a different idea that did not talk. The creative agency came up with the new tagline, Zubaan par rakhe lagam, (keeps the mouth shut).

The team presenting the case study adopted an innovative mode of presentation, where the main speaker accidently popped a Center Fresh in his mouth just before he began narration. Subsequently, he presented the case in the form of a charade, with two of his colleagues helping to decode the actions for the benefit of the audience.

The team explained that the task for the agency was to build Center Fresh's brand imagery and make it a much bigger chewing gum within the category.

The idea conveyed by the tagline was converted into a television commercial. The film showed a young man offering his father a Center Fresh before handing him the report card. As the father was chewing on the gum, he was unable to express his disappointment and anger, but could slap his son to vent his frustration and disappointment. The ad ends with the super, 'Center Fresh. Zubaan par rakhe lagam. Hath par nahin' (Center Fresh. Keeps the mouth shut. Not the hands).

The TVC was supported by radio, a viral campaign and various associations. Center Fresh entered into an association with MTV, where certain spots were sponsored by the confectionery maker. Here, a satirical tone was taken where certain persons or groups were humoured because of their incessant talking, to be finally shut up by Center Fresh.

Another promotion with Big 92.7 FM on Valentine's Day involved listeners by asking them to submit incidents where they wished they hadn't said something to their partners, in the 'I wish I had a Center Fresh' contest.

As a result of the campaign, the market share of the product grew by 31 per cent. Center Fresh noted category growth by nearly four times, while 100 per cent brand awareness and regular consumption were also noted.

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