Radio One brings in new strategy of not repeating any song through the day

By Mitra Joshi , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | December 24, 2009
Music lovers get to listen to 13 songs an hour, right from the 70s to the latest hits

Radio One has adpoted a fresh approach to provide listeners the luxury of enjoying maximum songs throughout the day. As part of the 'Maximum Music. Maximum Choice' programming innovation, the radio station across its network is playing varied songs, from the 70s to the latest hits every hour. The radio station has decided not to repeat any song the entire day.

The music station has been applying the strategy of playing 13 songs every hour since July 2009; hence, reducing the talking by the music jockeys. Radio One prefers the term 'music jockeys' to 'radio jockeys'.

Most music stations work on the norm that repeating a song almost 10 times a day would increase the recall value for listeners. Currently, Radio One is also airing ads which say, "Doosre station bajaye gaane baar-baar, Radio One ne bandh kiya ye atyachar".

Commenting on this new plan of action, Vineet Singh Hukmani, managing director, Radio One, says, "The newest part about our strategy is that a song which is played once doesn't get repeated in the whole day. To lure the listeners, the music station is running a challenge named 'No Song Baar Baar'; where if a song gets repeated, then, listeners are given a task to catch the song, which can get them cash prizes. The promotions of this strategy are definitely on-air and also exercised in print media through Midday, Hindustan Times (HT) and language publications, which is done by an in-house team at Radio One."

Since all radio stations appeal to the youth, playing songs from the 70s and 80s could be boring for youngsters. However, Hukmani has a different take on this. He states that Radio One's target audience is the age group of 12-34 years; but he is firm in believing that people prefer good music, whether it's a Kishore Kumar song from the 70s or Chiggy Wiggy from the movie, Blue. People need a potpourri, rather than the same thing getting repeated 100 times a day, he adds.

Moreover, the music jockeys at Radio One try to go beyond regular talking. They announce a lot of behind-the-song information, such as the singers, music directors, lyricists and much more.

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