Mudra Max joins hand with youth marketing agency Concrea

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Planning & Buying | January 19, 2010
Mudra Max has tied up with Concrea Communications to provide its clients with insights on youth marketing

With focus on youth centric brands, Mudra Max, Mudra's research and analysis arm, has inked a deal with Electronic Youth Media Group's Concrea Communications to provide its clients with understanding and insights on marketing their products.

"At the forefront of everything, youth marketing has always been a segment that has not been addressed properly by both agencies as well as clients. I think with Concrea, we are taking the first step to engage youth," says Pratap Bose, chief executive officer, Mudra Max, in a conversation with afaqs!.

Concrea Communications, which claims to be India's first youth marketing agency, aims at thinking unconventionally to generate fresh and innovative perspectives for its clients.

Concrea works on the concept of engaging young people in candid conversations to get understanding of products or brands in that group, without revealing its intentions. It has a student transmitter model, which is a network of young people in the age group of 14-30 years based in various schools, colleges, offices and other social places across the country. Known as insight seekers, these people are trained to interact with their peer group in a discreet manner to find out about the buying and spending patterns.

"Concrea and Max will, in tandem, work with clients to create a platform for them to create a constant connect with India's youth in terms of tapping the emerging trends, buying triggers, spending patterns and other such behaviours," Samyak Chakrabarty, managing director, Concrea Communications, explains.

The two together will build the first ever online college festival, a young entrepreneurs' network and attempt to understand the mobile youth culture, especially with reference to mobile number portability.

Concrea will also represent India in the Global Youth Research Partnership, which is a union of the world's leading youth marketing companies managed by Mobile Youth (UK), aimed to work with companies wanting to expand internationally.

The offerings that will be launched will be based on the belief that young people do not have a defined set of buying and spending patterns and it varies according to different situations and regions. That is why there has to be a bottom to top approach in order to successfully build brand loyalty with this segment.

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