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Last updated : January 21, 2010
Online ad network company, Komli Media has come up with an interesting tool called Ad View, which will monitor and analyse the ads served across various websites

Komli Media, the ad network company has launched a tool called Ad View on, its audience measurement website, which will monitor and analyse the online ads served on the Internet.

Speaking to afaqs!, Amit Bhartiya, business head, elaborates that the Ad View tool can capture data related to brands advertised, ad formats used (rich media, static or dynamic banner), duration, type of campaigns (brand building or lead generation) carried out and number of ad impressions served on web pages of sites.

Bhartiya says, "The collated data will be utilised to figure out the media schedule and estimate the ad spends of advertisers or brands on various websites. To begin with, we will capture details about display ads appearing on web pages of Top 1000 websites in India. Later, text ads served on sites will also be examined."

How will Komli Media gather data about online ads? Bhartiya explains, "We already capture the browsing details - websites or web pages opened - of our panel members and extrapolate that data to estimate the probable traffic figures such as unique users and page views of various websites. From now onwards, we will employ technology to also gauge the ads appearing on the web pages opened by our panel members, apart from noticing the URLs of the web pages."

He further clarifies that online ads will not be tracked on the basis of clicks. This implies that the company will closely scrutinise the software code of web pages to identify the coding provided for ad campaigns in the software script.

The company claims that its panel has more than 70,000 online users.

Ad View will be targeted towards online media planners, advertisers and publishers. Currently, it is in the closed beta stage, which implies that it cannot be accessed by all Internet users. Later, it will be offered to all and the company plans to charge a specific amount as subscription fees for its usage.

First Published : January 21, 2010

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