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Nokia banks on LEDs for N5230 outdoor campaign

By Rohit Nautiyal , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | February 05, 2010
Aaren Initiative has used LED strips as a strategic illumination solution for Nokia's latest outdoor campaign

Close to the end of 2009, Nokia launched the N5230, a multimedia touch screen smartphone. Now, the Finnish phone maker has used outdoor heavily to create buzz around one of the features of the handset that allows touch access to music.

As a part of the campaign, the creative on hoardings carry a picture of the handset. While a large cut out of a finger is shown touching the screen of the phone, musical notes have been drawn close to it, signifying the instant playing of music. LED strips have been stitched into the flex outlining the handset as well as the cut out of the finger for illumination. The copy on the hoarding reads 'Dil ki baat ek touch se sunao'. The same innovation is being tweaked for bus shelters, where the roof of the shelter displays the copy using acrylic cut outs of large fonts. Also, musical notes on the shelter have a flicker effect.

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The innovation has been executed by Aaren Initiative, the out of home (OOH) agency servicing Nokia for more than one and a half years. The campaign, which began in mid January, will continue till the end of February across 30 locations (with innovations) in 15 cities, including metros and mini metros. For the campaign, Nokia has taken up more than 280 sites pan-India.

Commenting on the use of LED, Anil Sharma, head, North, Aaren Initiative, says, "LED as an illumination solution is light weight, energy efficient and manages to achieve a spectacular visual experience. Also, the effect achieved is better than the one involved in the usage of neon. The client intended to highlight the one touch access to music and we were able to execute the idea with strategic usage of LED strips."

The telecom giant also signs up for mall branding annually, using facades, escalators and lifts.

Since the past one year, the usage of LED as an illumination solution for innovations seems to be on the rise. As part of Idea's 'Walk when you talk' campaign last year, multiple LED figures of people standing in a line appeared on gantries and bus shelters. The figures were shown holding phones to their ears. A sequential lighting system was used, where two people were lit simultaneously. The lights kept moving down the line, one after the other, giving the effect of the two people walking across the creative.

Currently, Reliance Communications is running a campaign in Delhi. The campaign uses branding of auto rickshaws to create buzz around its 20 paise per second tariff plan for local and STD calls. During night hours, the display is lighted by the combined use of LED strips, powered by the auto's battery and silver foils.

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