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Integration amplifies visibility of brands during IPL

By Sapna Nair , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | March 24, 2010
Ormax study suggests that a good balance of commercial advertising and innovations leads to higher brand recall

Ormax Media has been tracking ad viewing habits and recall for brands advertised since the start of the third season of IPL. The study suggests that other means of advertising during the matches are emerging as winners. These are the innovations and integrations of brands with the elements of the game.

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Kingfisher's association with the Third Umpire Decision is a hit with as many as 23 per cent of respondents recalling it. In this tie up, as the third umpire decision is awaited, the screen features the Kingfisher logo on screen as well as on the umpire's jacket and as the judgement is flashed, a Kingfisher aircraft is shown taking off on the screen.

This integration enjoys high exposure and lasts for about 10 seconds; it also occurs six-seven times in every match. "This is a non-intrusive innovation because everyone is eagerly awaiting the decision and have their eyes glued onto the screen," says Shailesh Kapoor, director, Ormax Media. As many as 30 per cent male respondents could recall the association.

Hero Honda Sixes was recalled by 9 per cent respondents, while Kamaal Katch, sponsored by Karbonn Mobile, enjoys an 8 per cent recall. All the great catches during the game are branded as Kamaal Katch by the commentator, even during the replay. "In terms of FCT, Karbonn Mobile does not enjoy high visibility but this association is helping it build recall," Kapoor adds.

Brands such as LG, Godrej and Samsung, which are undertaking a lot of FCT ads, score low on visibility. It is imperative to have a good mix of both ads and innovations.

Interestingly, advertisements with celebrities are not high on the likeability quotient, be it the Micromax ad featuring Akshay Kumar, or the Vaseline Men's range endorsed by Shahid Kapoor. Humorous and fun ads are what the viewers seem to like. In fact, the Micromax ad is the least liked so far.

Besides, Kapoor says that it works if the brand has multiple creatives. It helps keep fatigue at bay. Both Vodafone, with its Zoozoo variations and the series of Idea Oongli Cricket ads feature high on the likeability scale.

The brands advertised during the match are recalled much higher than those advertised before and after the match, during Extraa Innings or the closing ceremony. Even Vodafone's association with the 'Star of the match' property, which is held minutes after the match gets over, records very low recall.

The total number of ads advertised till March 20 is 52. Of these, the most recalled brand has been Vodafone, with a 50 per cent recall, followed by Karbonn Mobile, Pepsi, Nokia and Idea Oongli Cricket, in that order.

Vodafone tops the list of most liked ads as well, enjoying a recall as high as 48 per cent, followed by Pepsi, Idea Oongli Cricket, Tata Docomo and Thums Up, in that order.