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By Kapil Ohri , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital
Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
Consumers will be empowered to click on the banner ad and get contacted or receive a phone call from the advertiser instantly

Consider the situation: You are searching for tour packages on the Internet and all of a sudden, you come across a banner ad from a travel agency which offers you to click on the banner ad in order to receive a call from the travel agency immediately for more information.

This is exactly the solution Yureekah, a Pune based software company, will offer to advertisers through its online ad network named The network will provide an online advertising option titled 'Click to call' banner ads to advertisers.

"The 'Click to call' banner ad will empower consumers to click on the ad and get contacted or receive phone calls from the advertiser instantly," Vishal Sharma, founder and chief executive officer, Yureekah Software, tells afaqs!.

Once clicked, these banner ads redirect users to a webpage, where they are required to submit their names and phone numbers and click on a button titled 'Call me'. Soon, a phone call from the advertiser will get routed to the contact number. The call will be preceded by a welcome greeting or address, which advertisers can customise according to their requirements, before the actual conversation begins.

Yureekah will provide the technology to advertisers to make phone calls. "It will be up to the advertiser whether they will deploy special executives to attend such calls or use the services of their call centres to call back," Sharma adds.

Marketers have to bear the cost of phone calls while consumers will not be charged for any phone call.

Unlike other performance led banner ad campaigns, where publishers or ad networks charge advertisers based on the number of leads (cost per lead) or number of consumers acquired (cost per acquisition), Yureekah will not charge advertisers for the lead or customer acquisition.

Instead, the company will sell the banner ad inventory to advertisers on the basis of a different parameter of talk time, called cost per talk (CPT) basis. Advertisers will be required to purchase a fixed duration of talk time, which will be priced at Rs 35 for a one minute phone call, as per the card rate. The company claims that advertisers will be charged only for the duration of time used to interact with consumers.

As per an estimate, online advertisers shell out Rs 150 for a single lead (CPL) and pay up to Rs 350 for a customer acquisition (CPA).

The software firm is in the process of roping in publishers and advertisers who are interested to serve or carry out such interactive banner ad campaigns. Sharma refused to disclose the number of publishers or advertisers the firm has already tied up with for banner ads.

He adds that the ad network is capable of serving 5 lakh 'Click to call' banner ad impressions across India, US and UK now. Yureekah will target advertisers in travel, direct to home service, banking, financial services and insurance sectors.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM

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