Jasoos on the loose: Red FM's new campaign creates buzz on ground

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing
Last updated : June 29, 2010
A number of activities are being done on ground, such as Jasoosi booths and scavenger hunts

After the success of its 'Malishka ko Bataun kya?' campaign in 2009, Red FM has launched another campaign along the same lines. The new campaign, Malishka ka Jasoos, urges the people of Mumbai to become the eyes and ears of RJ (radio jockey) Malishka and report secrets/issues which they feel should get a larger platform. The campaign aims to engage listeners by giving people the power of the radio platform to address issues important to them.

'Malishka ka Jasoos' is being supported by a multimedia campaign across outdoor (hoardings, bus shelters, bus seat backs, auto rickshaws, BEST AC bus wraps, train transfers), on-ground, print, online and on-air. All activities will be towards building interactivity with the listeners and building participation through a dedicated mobile number, 9702000935. The month long campaign began in mid-June.

A number of activities are being carried out on-ground to encourage participation of listeners. Jasoosi booths have been set up at key locations across the city, along with a Malishka cut-out, where listeners can record their 'jasoosi' stories and participate in the campaign.

The radio channel has also tied up with BEST buses and its advertising partner, ESPL's BEST TV, to paste 'Malishka ka Jasoos' stickers on the buses' CCTV cameras, thus cautioning people against committing thefts in buses. The BEST TV screens are also running a campaign that shows how thieves have been caught due to CCTV cameras.

Punit Gupta, chief executive officer, BEST TV, says, "We have videos of thefts taking place in the buses and we share these with the police regularly. With these, they are able to solve two-three cases every week. So, along with the channel, we ideated this campaign in buses using the CCTV cams, bus backs and screens. The channel's agency created a video out of the footage given to them. The campaign is currently running across 1,500 buses."

Rickshaws in the city are also being used as promotional tools by the channel, where, besides rear view mirrors announcing 'Main hoon Malishka ka Jasoos', the drivers' seat back magazine holders have also been branded.

On ground activities are being carried out at major malls across western and central suburbs of Mumbai, as well as Barista outlets across the city, along with offices. OB jocks on the streets are getting people to share stories, instances and/or issues which are later aired by RJ Malishka.

Scavenger hunts are being organised at malls, increasing the interactivity with a large number of people. People dressed like the popular character, Jasoos Karamchand and his famous sidekick, Kitty, going around at the malls with magnifying glasses add fun to the on-ground activities.

Red FM is targeting mass footfall at locations such as malls and multiplexes and popular youth hangouts such as coffee shops.

In addition to this, mobile and social media (Facebook, Twitter) have also been integrated with the campaign to call for participation.

What has the campaign achieved?

Some of the 'jasoosis' yielded shocking revelations - such as not only getting into Mumbai airport easily without a valid ticket or pass but also going up to the security check area without any problems. A listener reported this to Red FM and the channel decided to test it by sending its person to the airport with an invalid ticket, on which the date was changed (and a valid ticket just in case she was interrogated). However, it never even came to that as the investigator could not only enter but also exit without any incident. This incident was revealed on-air and people were allowed to call in with their opinions.

In another case, a 'Jasoos' unmasked a gang of private taxi drivers operating at the airport, who conned passengers at the airport before transferring them to regular cabs (with whom they were in league). The gang reportedly took passengers to secluded places, robbed them and sometimes tricked the dumbfounded customers, forcing them to pay more. This gang supposedly worked in tandem with local authorities and apparently, even the local taxi drivers were aware of it. This story was later picked up by a popular daily as a front page story.

Nisha Narayanan, senior vice-president, projects and programming, Red FM, tells afaqs!, "The basic idea is that after the success of the Malishka Ko Bataun Kya campaign, we wanted to extend our platform once again for listeners to raise their issues. With Malishka ka Jasoos, we have essentially extended the same proposition in a new way and are taking it to the next level by asking people to become the eyes and ears of Malishka. The idea behind this campaign, as with most of our campaigns, is to give the people a platform to express themselves by placing the power of radio in their hands."

First Published : June 29, 2010

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