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Last updated : July 27, 2010
Women use the internet primarily for 'search' followed by 'e-mail' and 'social networking', an online audience measurement site owned by Komli Media, has released its first customised report, titled "Understanding the online behaviour of Indian women".

The report reveals that the three most preferred online activities for women are: search, e-mail and social networking, in that order.

The findings are based on the number of unique users logging on to particular categories of websites, during January-April 2010. A sample panel of 2,200 women internet users -- selected out of 90,000 panellists -- who remained online consistently for the four months, was used for the study. The results were extrapolated based on the internet usage of this sample panel.

Where online search, the most preferred activity, is concerned, the report says that the number of unique users (female) who conducted online searches is 6.5 million (January), 7.1 million (February), 7.15 million (March) and 8.13 million (April).

Though has not revealed the top search engines, it indicates that the most searched categories are music, jobs and celebrities; followed by travel and tours, wallpapers, kids, fashion, shopping, greetings, gaming, health and education. Online searches were carried out mainly during 3 -4 pm.

About 7.6 million unique women users accessed e-mail services in April 2010; while about 6 million accessed these services during February and March 2010. In April, G-mail (about 4.9 million users) was the most preferred e-mail destination; followed by Yahoo! Mail (3.7 million) and (1.5 million). Most women preferred to access e-mail services from 11 am to noon.

Facebook and Orkut were the topmost social networking sites among women. Surprisingly, the report also says that social networking activity reached its peak mostly around 9 pm.

Among the women who surf the internet 58 per cent are from metros.

First Published : July 27, 2010

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