Anchor Toothpaste: Good teeth, happier life

By Ashwini Gangal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | August 02, 2010
Two years after its last campaign, Anchor Toothpaste rolls out a new one, with the tagline 'Daant fit toh life fit' at its core. The campaign will serve to up Anchor's imagery and establish the brand in the 'life' space

After its campaign a couple of years ago, which strategically established the brand as the 100 percent vegetarian toothpaste, Anchor now rolls out a new ad campaign with a slightly different agenda.

The campaign provides consumers with a relatable benefit, namely the proposition that one's life is a whole lot more convenient and enjoyable, if one's teeth are taken care of. The tagline for the campaign is 'Daant fit toh life fit'. Evidently, it emphasises the benefits of having good teeth in the context of one's overall life.

The brand's last campaign had featured a TVC, wherein the then brand ambassador, actor Kajol, was seen persuading mothers to switch to Anchor for the benefit of their children. When quizzed about whether there has been an upward shift in the age of the TG, Sashi Nair, president, Anchor Health and Beauty Care answers, "Our TG has never been children alone. Toothpaste as a product is bought for the family; so our TG remains 'the family'."

He adds that the current campaign is an effort to position the brand in a manner that keeps up with the times, and simultaneously, brings some excitement into the toothpaste category.

The creative duties for the campaign are with Ogilvy India. The brief involved giving the brand some much-needed contemporary imagery. The campaign has tapped into relatable life situations, in order to communicate the brand's message that life as a whole would be better if one's teeth are fit.

The recently released TVC begins with the visual of an enthusiastic, young, newly-wed woman, making a messy, albeit genuine attempt at baking a cake for her husband. Just as she winds up the exercise, her husband comes home. The cake turns out to be rock-hard, but before she can warn her husband about it, he has already taken the first bite. Surprisingly, he bites into it with ease and gives her an appreciative nod for her efforts.

The film, which uses exaggeration as a storytelling tactic, has been directed by Prasoon Pandey.

"The imagery used in the TVC is modern and has a Bollywood feel to it. It thus does not alienate anyone. The city-slicker will buy into it, as will the small-town consumer," explains Abhijit Avasthi, national creative director, Ogilvy India.

He goes on to explain that while other toothpaste brands have defined themselves in their own distinct spaces -- Colgate with a doctor in its ad films, Pepsodent by its 'germ-killing', and Close Up stressing on fresh breath that facilitates intimacy -- Anchor is looking for a positioning that goes beyond 'strong teeth'.

"The brand wants to establish itself in the 'life' space, and convey that life is happier when one has good teeth," says Avasthi.

While this TVC draws on the dimension of strength, leading to the end benefit of a happy life; the other elements of this campaign draw on more such aspects with the same end benefit.

The media mix for the campaign includes television, outdoor, radio and mall activations.

Campaign fit hai?

Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, national creative director, Bates141 expresses, "The TVC is entertaining, funny and interesting in this category. It's a story well-told and well-executed as well. I can narrate it frame to frame after having viewed it just once -- this shows that it has left an impact. It is a tad over the top, but that is necessary to make its point."

He adds that the audio in the TVC is part of a new trend of remixing old Hindi film songs in modern-day commercials, and that it tends to work vey well.

Santosh Padhi, chief creative officer and co-founder, TapRoot India, asserts, "Besides the proposition of 'strong teeth', one that every second player claims, these guys have got other things bang on, for which they will be remembered. I'm glad they are not thinking consumers are stupid; they haven't dumped another demo film -- also something one finds in almost every second category, be it detergent, utensils, floor, paint or dental care."

He adds that the new imagery makes the brand look younger, louder and more eye-catching than its earlier work.

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