IRS 2010, Q2: DNA registers the maximum gain among Top 10 English dailies

By Sumantha Rathore , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing
Last updated : August 23, 2010
All the Top 10 English dailies register growth; only Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror record declines in total readership

Of the Top 10 English dailies, DNA has recorded the maximum gain in total readership. The daily has registered a growth of 1.35 lakh readers and a jump of two positions from IRS Q1, 2010.

The Times of India (TOI), the No. 1 English daily, continues to maintain its clear leadership in the genre. The newspaper, which in the last round lost about 85,000 readers, has added 21,000 readers in the current round, bringing up its total readership to 1.35 crore. The daily is 71.80 lakh readers ahead of Hindustan Times, which is ranked No. 2 in the genre.

Hindustan Times, meanwhile, has also retained the clear No. 2 position with a total readership of 62.88 lakh readers - a gain of 34,000 readers from the last round (IRS Q1, 2010).

Constant at No. 3 is The Hindu, which, in this round, has gained in readership (unlike the last few rounds). The daily recorded a total readership of 52.70 lakh, the second largest gain by any English daily in the Top 10 list. In the last two years, the daily lost about 4.11 lakh readers. After losing 2.75 lakh readers in R2, 2008, it had gained about 97,000 readers in R2, 2009. The newspaper's readership in Q1, 2010 was 51.4 lakh.

Sitting firmly at the No. 4 spot is The Telegraph, with a total readership of 29.58 lakh. The newspaper, in the last round, had notched up one spot from No. 5 to No. 4. It has added 81,000 readers to its total readership figure.

Deccan Chronicle, which was pushed to the No. 5 position by The Telegraph in the last round, is still at the same position. However, this time, it has registered a gain of 61,000 readers, as opposed to last rounds' loss of about 97,000 in total readership.

The business paper from the stable of the TOI Group, ET, maintains a status quo in its No. 6 position, showing a marginal gain of 13,000 in its readership.

The New Indian Express is also stable at No. 7 and has a readership of 16.06 lakh, an increase of 45,000 readers from the last round. The daily has been growing constantly; in the last round, the daily had added 31,000 readers. However, in the previous three rounds before that, the newspaper had lost 4.47 lakh readers.

DNA, which had slipped two steps in the last round, is back at No. 8 this time. The daily has registered a total readership of 15.93 lakh in this round, a gain of 1.35 lakh from the previous round. DNA had lost 68,000 readers in the last round.

The two Mumbai based tabloids, Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror, are the only dailies in the Top 10 list to have registered declines - a stark opposition from last round's status. While Mid-Day had jumped one position in Q1, 2010, the tabloid this time has slipped by one position, recording a total readership of 14.92 lakh and a loss of 33,000 readers.

Similarly, Mumbai Mirror, a tabloid by the TOI Group, is at No. 10. It has slipped a position and now occupies the No. 10 spot. The tabloid has registered a loss of 70,000 in its total readership in this round.

First Published : August 23, 2010

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