Pradeep Gupta announces AIM Engagement Study

By Ashwini Gangal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing
Last updated : September 08, 2010
The Association of Indian Magazines will conduct a study to measure the engagement levels of magazines as a medium

Close to the end of the two-day Indian Magazine Congress, which focused on the theme, 'Magazines - What's the next big thing?', Pradeep Gupta, president, AIM (Association of Indian Magazines), made an announcement that may well be deemed the next big thing.

Gupta claimed that AIM is set to embark on an "engagement study" on Indian magazines, which will serve to provide useful data to advertisers and other stakeholders. The decision to conduct this study seems to have emerged from the growing discontent with existing sources of readership data, including the IRS (Indian Readership Survey).

Gupta tells afaqs! that the demand for such a survey is high amongst advertising professionals and marketers. "From an advertising point of view, a study of this nature will be very welcome."

Gupta stated that several international studies suggest that consumer involvement is very high while reading magazines, as opposed to while watching TV or listening to radio. "Most people multi-task while watching TV or enjoying FM music; engagement is thus not as high as while reading a magazine. Even pressing the buttons of a TV remote is distracting," smiles Gupta. He claims that this has positive implications, as far as ad-effectiveness and ad-recall for ads in magazines is concerned.

When quizzed about the core of the study, that is, engagement, Gupta replied, "We are looking at engagement, because we believe that magazines are the most engaging and immersive form of media. Besides being a mobile and portable item to read; even in terms of one's senses, there is touch, feel and lots of stimulation involved while reading a magazine."

When afaqs! asked for more details on the study, Gupta said evasively, "There are two proposals currently; watch this space for more information."

First Published : September 08, 2010
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