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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
The Hindi movie channel conducted the second phase of the campaign to promote its new tagline, 'Jeeyo Bollywood', and managed to reach one crore people in 42 cities.

UTV Movies, the Hindi movie channel owned by the UTV group, recently rolled out on-ground activities to promote its 8 pm slot. The campaign aims to create awareness about the brand's new tagline, 'Jeeyo Bollywood' and establish the '8 Baje Mehfil Saje' slot as the time when the channel showcases its best content offerings.

The first leg of the campaign - which was conducted in nine cities -- was rolled out in June to celebrate the re-branding exercise undertaken by UTV.

The recent second phase of the brand campaign aimed at engaging consumers in 42 cities in Hindi speaking markets. Kunal Mukherjee, head - marketing, UTV Movies, says, "We wanted to connect with our consumers across Hindi speaking markets and engage them through a series of on-ground activities."

With the second edition of the campaign, the movie channel is aiming to reach the audience in mini-metros.

To connect the users with the Hindi movie channel and promote the tagline, experiential marketing agency, Jagran Solutions structured an activity that allows individuals to enact their favourite movie moments from Bollywood. For this, the agency used 'Jeeyo Bollywood' props as an integral part of the setup, thereby creating the experience of, literally, living the movie-moment.

The month-long campaign was promoted through 'Auto Bhopu' (loudspeaker) announcements, mall promotions and feet-on-street activities.

The activity began across 23 cities with auto rickshaws carrying 'bhopus' (loudspeakers). The canopy of rickshaw was branded with a of UTV Movies banner. The auto rickshaw travelled across high-traffic locations, playing customised audio promos of UTV Movies.

The feet-on-street activity took off simultaneously across 42 cities, where a team of promoters and emcee travelled to high-traffic locations in a van. The team masqueraded as a movie casting crew with directors and spot boys. It engaged people by inviting them to rotate the spin-o-wheel - the Bollywood Talent Chakra prop -- and enact their favourite Bollywood scenes for a minute. The audience was also gratified with branded merchandise.

In malls across nine cities, a similar activity was conducted, where the audience was asked to enact scenes using a wide range of 'desi' props, based on the readings of the Bollywood Talent Chakra.

The channel also tied up with 'dandiya' festivals in Ahmedabad, Surat and Baroda. To create buzz around the campaign, the channel put up hoardings at 119 sites in 75 towns.

With this activity, UTV Movies managed to reach over one crore people from 42 cities. Ambika Sharma, COO, Jagran Solutions, comments, "The response to the on-ground activities clearly shows the effectiveness of the campaign, as well as that of the medium."

Currently in its second phase, the campaign will soon enter the third stage as it is extended into the markets of Maharashtra.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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