Effies 2010: Of 'moochwalis' and lazy stubbles

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | December 06, 2010
The second half of day one at the Effies case study presentations saw campaigns and their results for brands such as Fevicol, Gillette Mach3 and Goodknight Advanced Activ+.

A number of interesting case studies were presented on day one of the Effies 2010 case study presentations. In the 'Consumer Products' category was the case study of Pidilite Industries' Fevicol. Fevicol celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009; that was coincidentally a recessionary period, when the brand's users were beginning to pull back usage, as Fevicol is 20-30 per cent more premium in terms of cost. The brand's agency, Ogilvy India thus had an idea.

It created a new television commercial, Moochwali, which told the story of a village girl over the various stages of her life -- childhood, teenage, marriage, old age and eventually her death. Throughout her life, the protagonist is shown sporting a moustache -- it was stuck to her face when she was a child, while dressing up for a skit. The moustache remains stuck thereafter; as she shocks her teacher in school and the villagers, gets married, bears children, grows old and finally, as she breathes her last.

The message was that what is stuck with Fevicol remains so for life. In a tongue-in-cheek gesture, the protagonist's rebirth is also suggested, when an infant is shown in the end, sporting the same moustache. The commercial ends with the tagline -- 'Pachaas Saal Se Champion'.

Moochwali was touted as the 'world's shortest feature film', lasting a mere 80 seconds. Thus, the commercial was promoted just like a soon to be released film. The overall feel of a film release was enhanced by using bus-back panels and hoardings in Juhu among billboards promoting other films.

Teaser campaigns included promotions at 240 movie theatres and 65 multiplexes across Indian cities. Ads in leading dailies proclaimed that Moochwali was "coming soon"; and eventually, that it was "premiering" on Friday evening. The commercial even "premiered" at PVR multiplex in Juhu, Mumbai -- where men sporting fake, long moustaches sold tickets at the box office, as part of the promotion.

Thus, in the times of global recession, the premium brand in a low-involvement category was able to garner 43 per cent overall growth. It also saw 70 per cent growth on quarter-on-quarter basis.

In another category, 'Integrated Advertising Campaign', BBDO presented their campaign case study for Gillette Mach3. The agency for the men's shaving brand launched 'WALS', or the 'Women against Lazy Stubble' drive.

As per a Nielsen survey, it was found that 77 per cent women preferred clean-shaven men. Using this data, the drive consisted of forming a team of women, which stands against men who don't shave often and prefer stubbles. PR got news channels and Bollywood stars to discuss this drive. The price of the Mach3 was also reduced, thus eliminating the price barrier.

Going further, a mass shaving event or the 'Shavethon' was organised, where 2000 men shaved off their beards and stubble in an open area. This went on to win a place in the Guinness Book of Records as well.

As a result, sales grew by a whopping 500 per cent, while the entire market grew by 400 per cent. The brand saw over 7 lakh hits on Google, while the campaign received PR and news coverage estimated at $2.5 million.

Another case study for Goodknight Advanced Activ+ was presented by the JWT team. The challenge for this brand was that there were other established players in this low- involvement category. The brand wanted to increase market penetration from 5 to 7 per cent.

The product had an interesting offering -- it worked at a normal level and an advanced level, the latter coming in handy when there is higher mosquito infestation. The ad was thus kept simple. Instead of showing mosquito attacks -- which was almost a norm in this category -- the brand's ambassador, Rani Mukherjee was shown as a mother who cares about her family's safety from the pests. Thus, she tries to open the doors as few times as she can. However, with the introduction to the product, she's a changed person.

Radio ads were also done, as was modern trade activation. As a result of the entire campaign, the agency claims, the category grew by 9 per cent, while Goodknight saw a growth of 102 per cent. Its market share crossed expectations and grew to 14 per cent, instead of the targeted 7 per cent.

For the record, the Effie Awards are organised by the Ad Club Bombay every year, to honour campaigns on the basis of merit and their effectiveness for the brand, and not just mere creativity.

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