Chutti TV ready for some local and reality push

By Anindita Sarkar , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing
Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
Sun's Chutti TV is in full gear to give a local push to its content mix that will not just include live action and animation, but some in-house reality, too.

In a bid to up its kids' viewership base in 2011, Sun's Chutti TV is in full gear to give a local push to its content mix ratio, which will not just include live action and animation but some in-house reality, too.

Currently, the channel, which runs about 80 per cent international dubbed content and 20 per cent Indian content, is looking at acquiring both live action and animated programmes in the Indian domain, targeting its audience tastes.

Kavitha Jaubin, head, Chutti TV, says, "The absorption rate of animated content in terms of newer content is slowly increasing and our audiences are accepting newer formats. Recently, both animated and live action content based on Indian stories is getting favourable reception and our plans include acquiring more content with Indian base."

Meanwhile, Jaubin adds that since the channel's latest in-house reality productions - School Savari and Spell Champ - are doing well with its audience set, Chutti TV also plans to further increase this genre in its overall programming mix.

"We always look at bringing in a bit of localisation to both international animation and in-house shows by dubbing and rich content mix. School Savari in particular is a further look at our plans, where the programme is formatted to target various audience frequencies, while producing it in a local flavour. We are also looking at a few other reality formats in the near future to add to the content mix," she says.

The channel is also on a film acquisition spree in order to build upon its family viewership base. "While we already have a good library with international movies that are dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, we are also talking to various South Indian content providers for local movies."

Not willing to divulge any details on the movie titles now, she says, "The buying spree will take another three months before the movies come on board."

The channel claims that it always looks at a content mix in the ratio of 70:30 of animation and in-house programming.

"It works well to satisfy our current audience tastes, while also reaching out to newer audience pastures. In terms of programming, we acquire and produce content across the kids' band, right from pre-school and 4-9 years to 10-14 years. We cater to both male and female audiences," she says.

Jaubin further adds that it is this mix with localisation that has made the channel stand and meet success. "It is this mix that made our competitors think and enter the market with their own Tamil programming. All the major players in the market today, including Nick, Disney XD and others, made their foray into the Tamil kids' programming after looking at our success in the market," she opines.

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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