Joseph George: Clients will have to pay more to media owners

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi and Mumbai | In Advertising | February 10, 2011

Here are some of my predictions for 2011:

Digital conversations between the client and his agency will still be short of putting the money where the mouth is.

There will be a new moniker for 360 degree invented this year.

Agency networks will continue to put pressure on their Indian operations by quoting some version of the India Growth story.

Advertising will now premiere on Youtube.

Clients will distance themselves more and more from the commission or fee negotiations with their agencies and instead leave these uncomfortable discussions to negotiation specialists.

Clients will have no choice but to pay more to media owners. And will seek to make up for this on agency remuneration.

More little known marketers will get visibility and talked about through their advertising campaigns.

Advertising as a profession and industry will continue to face competition on the cool quotient.

The line between the advertising industry and the feature film industry in India will blur even more.

Much to the relief of some clients, agencies will finally begin to understand the difference between a consumer and a shopper.

Agencies will continue to go though four rounds in a new business pitch and be happy just to be served tea, biscuits and a warm handshake for their efforts.

As more specialist agencies come in, the clients end up dividing their marketing budget amongst them and therefore there will be more temptation for agencies to launch more divisions.

Agencies will have to walk a thin line between upping the digital embrace and awareness of its staff while coming down heavily on active trading of pokes and farm animals during office hours.

And lastly, I think 2010 was probably one long thank-you prayer that 2009 was over. So, most people exhibited cautious optimism. 2011 however could well be the year of unbridled positivity, courage and creativity.

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