Kiran Gopinath: We want to tune in intelligence and serve it

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi and Mumbai | In Digital | February 10, 2011

2011 promises to be a high-growth year for the online industry both in terms of users as well as advertisers. I feel that advertisers who are looking to reach their online audience will need to address the long tail by diversifying their media plans to reach the ever growing internet user base in a very scientific manner. Solutions that address the long tail nature of the internet will flourish.

I have a strong intuition that mobile internet will start to become a reality soon, thanks to the high consumption that 3G promises to deliver in the near future. This will include video consumption and the advertiser interest that follows and threatens to catapult internet video - owing to the large installed base of users and the personal form factor of the mobile phone.

Last year, a surge in demand from the industry coupled with commoditisation of inventory led to a severe downward pressure on price points. It became imperative to improve the efficiencies in the system both within the company and the wider ecosystem in which we operate in order to survive.

Innovative solutions (data driven innovations not site breaking banner creatives) became a necessity to increase the efficiency of utilising inventory. We coped with the challenges by introducing intelligence in serving, improving depth of publishers and properties and crafting products for specific niche(s) and purposes.

This year we are fully geared to face any kind of challenge. We want to tune in intelligence in a fine manner and put it forward to serve.

We are also planning to invest in developing algorithms that will help scale our learning and findings to a newer level. And, finally, we will want to use innovation in data-led solutions for improving returns on the advertising rupee

I am excited about the high growth in brand advertising and yes, also about the fact that the long tail is becoming important in display campaigns. I will also keep an eye on the aggregating properties and crafting specific products to suit the advertisers needs. Last - but not the least - the telecom sector will be a segment on which everybody will keep an eye on.

The other things I will look out for will be the third screen (the mobile phone) starting its journey to become a media, and how fan innovation in technology and business models will suit this immensely personal medium and that mobile number portability (MNP) will finally become a reality. The only thing I am worried about is the possible slowdown in the rollout of 3G services. This can lead to uncertainties in the telecom sector.

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