Rajul Kulshreshtha: OOH always has to fight for the share as it is not part of regular media mix

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi and Mumbai | In OOH News | February 10, 2011

With the OOH industry pegged at `1,400 crore, there is a huge opportunity for growth (Government regulations permitting). This field is practically virgin given that we have no way to measure efficacy or ROI. If we are able to crack this, then we've got a good thing going.

Strangely enough, another thing that excites me is lack of transparency because you can actually do so much in this area. Media owners seem quite fed up with the whole stigma of transparency or the lack of it and their eagerness to do something about it is visible. Sooner than later, I think this is one area that you will find a lot of excitement about and action. Other exciting factors lie on the digital front and specialisation within OOH.

What scares me is clients buying their own OOH spaces. They do not buying regular media themselves, do they? Then why do they want to buy OOH? It is scary because no one really tells you why they are doing it on their own. That raises more questions than answers. And this trend shows no signs of abating.

Another troubling factor is the 'who you know' syndrome. It is becoming more important than 'what you have to offer'. Additionally, the fact is that OOH is not a part of the regular media mix or plan presentations. One always has to fight for the OOH share - quite like radio and cinema. OOH is not as glamorous as TV. The lack of good talent within the industry I think is also a worry.

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