Tata Photon Plus' OOH innovation 'powers' a commercial building

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News | January 24, 2011
A larger than life replica of the Tata Photon Plus device has been designed and fitted onto the facade of a commercial building to promote the idea that the device powers businesses.

'Powering a business' has been given a new meaning with Tata Photon Plus' new innovative outdoor campaign.

Tata Photon Plus, from Tata Teleservices, that provides a plug-in, on the move wireless high speed broadband Internet, is being promoted in an all-new style campaign conceptualised and designed by the brand's outdoor agency, Milestone Brandcom.

While cut-out kiosks in the shape of the plug-in Internet USB were created earlier, this time, the agency has literally 'plugged' the device into a commercial building - Crystal Plaza in Andheri, Mumbai - which houses more than 200 SMEs (small and medium enterprises), thus making it look as if the building and the companies situated in it are powered by the larger than life Tata Photon Plus gadget.

The agency created a backlit Tata Photon Plus device that stands 17ft x 7ft and attached this to the façade of the building, on the fifth floor of the seven storied structure. The building is situated close to a traffic signal, thus giving it higher visibility. Additionally, due to its dimensions and the height that it has been set up at, its visibility is good and after dark, the backlit device lights up brightly with a blue light blinking at its end - just like it does when the device is inserted into laptops and desktops.

Nabendu Bhattacharyya, founder and managing director, Milestone Brandcom, tells afaqs!, "With 3G coming in and higher Internet speeds being offered, Tata Indicom wanted to promote its product that now offers speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps. The idea behind this was simply to show that Tata Photon Plus powers this building that houses so many SMEs. This campaign demonstrates that the 'medium is the message'."

Bhattacharyya adds that he's been thinking about such an innovation for the past three-four years and they've finally been able to execute it. It was challenging due to the multiple permissions that the agency had to secure from the building, the society and the corporation before execution.

The backlit innovation is built around an iron frame and weighs about 100 kg - therefore a lot of safety precautions had to be taken while setting it up.

Hanoz Patel, founder and managing partner, Milestone Brandcom, adds, "OOH (out of home) as a medium provides enormous possibilities and our goal is to create never before innovations which add to a brand's core objective - growth, freshness and ability to engage the audience and thereby deliver impact. Through this innovation, the medium delivered all the objectives and managed to create a buzz."

The display will be up on this building for 10 days, while the agency is trying to extend this duration. The plan is also to extend it to other locations across country. Tata Photon Plus is available in areas such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Jodhpur, Patna, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Dehradun, Shimla and the circles of Jammu and Kashmir, Northeastern states and Assam.

Shailesh Powale, deputy general manager, marketing, Tata Indicom, says, "Photon Plus is our flagship product and we were looking for the brand attributes to come alive with the use of the medium. What better medium than OOH. Milestone Brandcom came out with a relevant new thought and we at Tata Teleservices encourage our agency to explore the medium to its fullest potential. This innovation created a talking point and connected with the relevant target group."

As a part of the promotion, the Tata Indicom SME team is also carrying out a promotion in the building and around the Andheri West area to promote the product.

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