Maheshwar Peri's Pathfinder Publishing launches Competition 360

By Nandana Das , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | February 01, 2011
Competition 360 will cater to the needs, which are usually ignored by mainstream media.

Maheshwar Peri's Pathfinder Publishing will launch the group's second title, called Competition 360, today. Priced at Rs 50, the monthly magazine aims to be the ultimate guide for job seekers in India in both public and private sectors.

Peri, publisher of Outlook Magazine and president, Outlook Publishing India, is the chairperson and publisher, Pathfinder Publishing.

Competition 360 will target job seekers in the age group of 22-27 years. It will also carry employment news in a section called Employment 360.

Peri says, "For the private sector, there is basically nothing which can be used as an advisory for the job seekers. People from small towns, who have studied in 'not so big' colleges, find it really difficult to approach recruiters, who often ignore these smaller colleges during campus recruitment. Competition 360 will act as a guide for people who would like to be a part of big companies such as Wipro, Accenture, Infosys and LG Electronics in the private sector."

The magazine will provide guidance to job seekers on approaching the big companies, writing resumes and finding suitable jobs.

"It will also assist job seekers in designing proper resumes, searching for jobs and eventually polishing them. Competition 360 will serve the needs (of the students and the job seekers) which are normally ignored by the mainstream media," Peri adds.

The initial print run of the magazine will be 1,10,000 copies. The publisher also plans to bring out a Hindi edition of the magazine later.

Initially, the group plans to test the ground with the English version. "Once it is done (which will take about three-four issues), we may have to make adjustments to meet the readers' tastes. Subsequently, we will come out with the Hindi version of the magazine," Peri adds.

Peri claims that the USP of the magazine lies in addressing the requirements of job seekers in both the public as well as the private sectors. "We may have an essay - say one writes it, then three experts comment on, or correct it. It will be like a live tutorial, guiding people, teaching the exact tricks step-by-step," he says.

Peri adds that the editorial team of Pathfinder Publishing comprises 35 people, of which 12 will be working for Competition 360.

The group also plans to launch an online version of the magazine after one month.

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