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MCCS launches the news website

The site will be available in English and Hindi and will showcase videos sourced from the channel.

Media Content and Communications Services (MCCS), which runs the Hindi, Marathi and Bengali news channels STAR News, STAR Majha and STAR Ananda, has now launched a news website for STAR News.

The website will be available in both English and Hindi and can be accessed at and, respectively. It will showcase videos sourced from the channel, and will have content across different genres such as sports, crime and movies. There will dedicated teams for Hindi and English content. It will also stream video content of all its news channels live on the site (

In a press meet, L Ramakrishnan, head, new media business, STAR News, says, "The site is based on the Web 2.0 model and is tightly integrated with social media features." Users will be allowed to share the stories on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Not just that, users can write comments on the stories by using their Facebook accounts."

The company also plans to monetise the website through advertising.

Apart from the news websites, STAR News also runs a video channel on YouTube ( and is present on Facebook and Twitter (

About two years ago, MCCS tied up with the Hyderabad-based company, Apalya Technologies, to made available STAR News, STAR Majha and STAR Ananda channels on the mobile TV platform. It streams the content of all three channels live, including the ads that appear during the news programmes.

Users can access MCCS channels on mobile TV by downloading an application. For that, users need to send the keyword, MOBTV, as an SMS to 5782728. Once downloaded, the application resides in the mobile phone.

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