Goafest 2011: Brands can spark, lead, curate and sponsor a mass movement

By Biprorshee Das , afaqs!, Goa | In Advertising
Last updated : April 09, 2011
In the last session of Day Two of the Goafest 2011 Knowledge Seminar, Jake Baldridge from Strawberry Frog spoke on how to build a brand in the current times.

While most agencies would promise the best work for its clients, there are some that go a notch higher on their promise. The New York-based independent advertising agency, Strawberry Frog promises a 'movement' to its brands.

In the last session of Day Two of the Goafest 2011 Knowledge Seminar held at Zuri White Sands, Goa, on April 8, Jake Baldridge, account director, Strawberry Frog, New York, filled in for Scott Goodson, chief executive officer, Strawberry Frog, earlier scheduled to make the presentation.

Talking about how brands must be built in the current times, Baldridge began his presentation with Strawberry Frog's approach to the issue.

"One thing is for sure. You definitely do not build it the way you did five years ago," said Baldridge.

He pointed out that while strategies that built brands as an extension of the self or reflecting personal attitude and stature might have been successful in the past, today, brands need a lot of push strategy in the market to make them successful.

According to Strawberry Frog, what is required today is a cultural movement, said Baldridge.

"What is cultural movement? It is a group of people who have come together around an idea to make a change," he said.

According to Baldridge, a mass movement is necessary for a brand to be noticed and be successful.

"We believe that a brand can spark, lead, curate and sponsor a mass movement," he said.

He pointed out three steps that an agency has to adopt as it begins work on a brand.

The first one, according to him, is to seek the purpose of the brand.

"Start with the brand purpose and not with the USP. Look for what the brand stands for and what it wants to do, and then tie it to an idea," said Baldridge.

The next step is to find the cultural relevance of the brand.

The third step involved the process of beginning work from inside out -- establish the brand first and then think of communication.

Baldridge, through a short video clip, explained how following a leader can spark off a movement and there is no harm being a follower as there is no movement without the first follower.

Towards the close of the presentation, Baldridge mentioned three campaigns done by Strawberry Frog that he referred to as being examples of "cultural movements".

The first one was the 'Smart. Against Dumb' campaign for Smart, a two-seater vehicle in the US. The campaign voiced against 'dumb', mindless consumption and urged people to join the movement against over-consumption.

The second example mentioned was India's Mahindra & Mahindra where the agency designed the recent 'Rise' campaign for the brand as it looked to create a movement, a brand that would be seen as being more than makers of just utility vehicles.

The final example Baldridge cited was the Bold Choice campaign for Jim Beam that aimed at sparking a cultural movement for bold choices.

First Published : April 09, 2011

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