Tasting Aamsutra at Slice mango lounges

By Nandana Das , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | April 27, 2011
Mudra Max has created Slice mango lounges made from four buses at various locations of the cities.

Mudra Max has rolled out a below the line (BTL) activity for Slice, a mango-based beverage from the PepsiCo stable. The agency has created Slice mango lounges made from four buses at various locations of the cities, on various busy roads.

The visitors are welcomed into these buses which are air-conditioned. They are then offered wet-wipes to refresh themselves, after which they settle down into seats which are mainly bean bags, bar stools and recliners. There's the aroma of mangoes all around. They are then served with mocktails, laced with Slice. The visitors can also sit and watch Katrina Kaif's message, on the huge plasma screens installed inside the lounge.

On their way out, the customers are presented with mango-flavoured chocolates and discount coupons.

Speaking about the aim of the activation, Sanjay Kacker, senior vice-president, Celsius, Mudra Max, says, "The zones were created to reach out to the masses and classes without any discrimination across the country. The whole idea behind this outdoor activity is to make the target audience consume Slice to get the experience of 'Aamsutra'."

Kacker adds, "The objective was to bring the product to life', and we were successful in doing so, thus allowing the end-consumers to actually sense and feel the brand closely. Consumer sampling will not only give the consumer a taste of the product, but will also help drive consumption via repeat purchase."

This activation, which is happening in 65 cities, aims to reach out to over 1.5 million mango lovers by the end of the campaign. The activity which started last month will continue till June.

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