Titan unveils light-powered Facebook app and website

By Kapil Ohri , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital
Last updated : July 13, 2011
The company will let users experience the functionality of the recently-launched HTSE watches through digital media.

Titan, which has recently launched a new range of watches called the HTSE (High Tech Self Energised) collection, is now using the digital medium to let users experience the functionality of the range, which can be charged by any light source -- be it direct or diffused sunlight, indoor lighting, or even by candle light.

For the same, the company has created a dedicated website (TitanHTSE.com) and launched a Facebook application (app) called 'HTSE Wear a Watch' on its Facebook page (Facebook.com/Titanbemore). To access the website and application, the user will require a source of light. Whenever a user opens TitanHTSE.com or 'HTSE Wear a Watch' application, a pop-up window will emerge, which will seek the permission of the user to start the web-camera attached to his computer. Once permitted, the user will be required to bring and hold any source of light near the web-camera till the time the site or application opens and shows further details related to watch models.

Interestingly, the company will use Augmented Reality to enable users to try out a particular HTSE watch through the Facebook app, virtually. Once users open the Facebook app, they will see a tab titled 'Try Now', which when clicked, activates the web camera and shows a watch. The user has to point his wrist in front of the web camera. As a result of it, he will see the watch overlaid on his wrist on the app screen.

If the web-cam is not attached to the computer, the site will showcase a 'light switch', which the user will be required to click in order to open/access the website. In the Facebook application, users will see fireflies on their app screen, which they need to drop on the HTSE watch placed in the dark background of the Facebook application screen. Once the user drops five fireflies inside the watch, the HTSE watch will be shown to the user and he will be allowed to access the application and get more details about the watches.

The website is conceptualised and designed by the digital agency Media2win. GroupM's Maxus Interaction has ideated the Facebook app while KRDS, the didigtal agency has developed the app. Speaking to afaqs!, Unny Radhakrishnan, head, Maxus Interaction, says, "The idea is to use the digital platform, in order to explain and experience the functionality of HTSE watches."

Maxus Interaction has also developed a mobile app, which it will release in the next few days. The mobile app will also let users experience the functionality of HTSE watches. Users will be required to download the app on their phones.

Once downloaded, the user will have to open the app, which will activate the mobile camera automatically and the app screen will showcase a HTSE watch in the dark background, similar to the Facebook app. Users will have to hold the mobile camera in front of any light source in order to provide power and illuminate the virtual watch shown in the app. Once illuminated, the mobile user can focus the mobile camera on his wrist in order to experience or try the watch (virtually). The app will be available on Android and Apple iPhone platforms.

First Published : July 13, 2011
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